Buyer's Protection Policy

Buyer Protection Policy

"WebPays makes the best effort to secure your online purchase."

Our policy ensures that, if any customer has any kind of dissatisfaction or dispute they can freely raise query or dispute within 15 days of purchase or receiving date of product.

Customers are requested to go through our Buyer's Protection and get to know about our applicable criterias of this policy.

1.) If you have ordered or purchased an approved product and didn't deliver or dissimilar to the description mentioned, you may request for the refund or you can register for the fraud or any other issue.

WebPays tries best to resolve the issue between both ends (buyer & purchaser). (When the seller denies or failed to respond properly)

2.) To raise the issue of refund in case of product dissatisfaction, you need to return the product at the same condition at the time of delivery. ( If it is prepaid)

Purchasers are eligible to take benefits of Buyer’s Protection Policy,

  • If you have received the wrong product, or item is totally different from the ordered one.
  • If you made payment twice mistakenly.
  • If you have made payments but the order is cancelled from the seller's end.
  • If you have not received the total number of items you purchased.
  • You got the damaged or not full parts of the product.
  • The product is not upto the mark as per your expectation or brand is different.

Purchases that are not covered.

  • Made payment for real estate
  • Motorised vehicles and tools
  • Prepaid cards or gift cards & voucher
  • Machinery used in industrial manufacturing
  • Products & services that violate our policies
  • Anything you bought in person

Resolution Guideline

  • If the dispute results in a refund for the customer, a refund of the full amount less than earlier deducted charges will be made to the buyer. The deducted charges will be served as a fine for the customer.
  • If in case, the dispute does not result in a refund, the seller would be fined for the resolution.

We look forward to encouraging healthy communication between buyer and seller and come to a mutual consent state.