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A country with a population of around half a million, Malta’s rank as a leader in the online casino industry is magnificent. Casino industry research forecasts an international online gambling industry value of 94.4 US dollars by 2024 and Malta is a primary member. 10% of the globe’s online casino businesses are recorded in Malta. And so an essential part of international revenue is maintained by businesses there.

As per MGA’s December 2019 report, the online casino industry delivered a remarkable 13.6% of the value of the Maltese financial depicting a revenue of almost $2 billion. Although during the pandemic, this only reduced to around 12% of GDP.

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The online casino industry is a broadly essential part of the country’s economy and one manner this displays up is in its part of internet usage. Almost 50% of the nation’s global bandwidth is reserved for online gambling measures.

Casino payment gateway Malta offers different sorts of reliable and secure payment processing solutions to your customers and it is significant. And that makes it vital to have excellent casino payment processing as a solution in your online casino functionalities. You will get that there are numerous features of a casino payment processing solution and ultimate casino payment gateway services. And they will also support you to walk through the fundamentals. So that you will have a great knowledge of what these factors are and why they are essential.

What do you mean by online casino payment processing?

The online casino payment gateway solution delivers the facility to process online payments across the world securely at your online casino platform. And the payments can be performed with the use of credit cards or other online payment methods in different currencies.

What do you understand by an online casino payment processor?

For some online casino businesses, online payment gateway solutions are carried out by an online casino payment processor. This refers to the financial organization that operates in the background to provide online casino merchants with these online payment processing solutions. These online payment processor companies normally have associated with other businesses directly dealing in online casinos, such as gambling software development companies.

The online payment processor is associated with the online casino merchant account and the payment gateway for online casino businesses in Malta. The casino payment processor fastly sent the customer’s payment details back and forward between the online casino business and the payment gateway. Moreover, handling this data safely and transferring it diligently to the end user.

What is a casino payment gateway Malta?

An online casino payment gateway Malta acts as the intermediary between your casino website and the online payment processor. And that receives online transactions from your online gamer. The payment gateway for online casino businesses transfers the customer’s payment data. Such as credit card numbers, etc, securely to the online payment processor.

The casino payment gateway solutions are responsible for:

  • Payments security
  • Fraud prevention and chargeback control
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data protection
  • Determining the online payment is fair or not
  • Operating 24*7, processing online transactions at any moment in the day or night
  • Delivering multiple online payment methods
  • Processing transactions in numerous currencies
  • Offering business insights and real-time reports. So, you will be able to see how perfectly your business is functioning, etc.

Casino payment processors are responsible for ensuring that they are not offering their casino merchant services to online casino businesses. And that provides prohibited casino games or where there is an increased chance of legal issues. Even though an online casino must acquire complete registration and function with legal activities. As an outcome, most banks and casino payment service providers want to stay away from online casino platforms due to their highly restricted nature.

What is the requirement of a casino payment gateway Malta for your casino business?

Casino payment gateway Malta plays a vital role in functioning your online casino business securely and also enables casino merchants to

  • Accept and process online transactions securely across the globe
  • Be qualified to offer numerous online payment methods. Such as credit/debit cards, eWallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, BNPL, etc.
  • The ability to also provide local payment choices
  • Prevent fraudulent activities and control chargebacks
  • Integrate your online casino website with the most significant casino payment processing platforms.

The Importance of Fraud Prevention Features and Chargeback Control Tools

Every online casino website can be targeted by cybercrimes, and fraudulent activities. However, online casino businesses do not have particularities.

Fraud Prevention Features

To assist in protecting your payment processing from fraud. Then it is essential to have the necessary cybersecurity in the payment solution to control your online customers' personal and financial payment details from being theft when they submit them to payment platforms to perform an online payment.


The most challenging time when any fraud or cyberattack may occur is during the signup and payment processing. For this sort of situation, a credit card processor for online casino businesses needs to offer the best security to protect your online casino website and online gamers from fraudulent activities immediately at the initial stage. It is not an effortless procedure for dealing with fraud. So it is important to make your online payment processing secure to protect them from anything suspicious from the beginning stage.

Chargeback Control

An online casino website is a primary place for a “chargeback fraud” or friendly fraud. These sorts of fraudulent activities occur when an honest gamer engages in untrustworthy online gambling functioning. And then the gamer becomes irritated after grieving huge disappointments. And prefer to discuss the issue with their card issuer to decline the payment. Because they were the people who placed the charge at the chargeback on the online casino website.

Basically, in these cases, the online casino merchant will have to refund the payment according to the rules and regulations of chargebacks. That is basically in the favor of the customer in such situations during online payments.

Why Prefer WebPays For Casino Payment Solutions?

If you are searching for a secure and reliable payment service provider for your online casino business in Malta. Then you must look for a casino payment gateway Malta that delivers a smooth, secure, fast, and fraud-free online payment procedure for your online gamers. And also protects your online casino business from fraudulent activities and excessive chargeback volume.

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