Company Overview


WebPays - A pioneer in high-risk payment gateway & account solutions.

WebPays started with the idea of simplifying the payment processing services for e-commerce merchants. We offer our payment processing services to businesses that are classified under medium to high-risk. With constant efforts and years of experience in the fintech industry, WebPays has gained aced in dealing with high-risk industries.

We can help you create a high-risk business account while taking on boarding and guide you through banking underwriting procedures. Whether you need your start-up accounts, your subscription account, an adult merchant, a travel merchant account, or an offshore merchant account, we can help you secure your high-risk account at the lowest rates.

WebPays will assist you in lowering integration and delivery costs. In accepting various payment modes and multiple currencies facilitating payments safely and securely. We empower e-merchants to accept payments and in the latest payment modes. In this way, we contribute a role in their business expansion globally.

If you want to grow your business, you need to start accepting a wide range of payment methods from your customers, enabling them to pay however they want.

The high-risk payment processing industry provides transparency and high standards for firms. These are best suited to their needs in high-risk merchant accounts.

We offer a complete integrated payment product suite. We bring together everything that's needed to simplify your business payouts globally.

Our firm supports companies to overcome and tackle frauds, send invoices, issue virtual and physical cards, receive funding, manage corporate spending, and much more.