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As a small business merchant, you have many judgments to make, comprising whether or not you like to receive credit and debit card payments online. If you accomplish this, then you will have to function with a credit card payment solution.

Getting the perfect credit card processor for your small business can be complex, but here are three primary questions to ask probable payment partners to make your decision quite easier:

  1. Does my business have to take credit cards, debit cards, and digital payment modes?
  2. Why do online businesses require credit card processing businesses?
  3. How much will it assess me to receive credit cards online?

Should your small business receive credit cards?

If you operate a small business, it’s nearly impossible not to receive credit cards. But the judgment is eventually up to you. 

The ratio of people who prefer cash on them daily is quickly decreasing. If you don’t take credit and debit card payments online. So, you tend to lose out on a substantial amount of deals.

As per the recent Federal Reserve Payments Study, total online credit card payments increased to $131.3 billion in 2018, up about $32 billion since 2015.

Receiving digital payment modes comprising contactless credit card payments is just as essential as taking credit and debit cards. Most small businesses and merchants have executed the near-field communication (NFC) technology needed for these sorts of transactions. 

Online wallets like Venmo and PayPal are fast becoming buyers' desired payment choices. Because this payment procedure links straight with a customer’s banking details to transmit and accept online payments, it’s a perfect payment choice for online eCommerce businesses. 

With the lower cost of processing these online payments (much decreased than processing credit and debit card transactions). And the comfort of integration into most online websites and payment gateways, it’s a significant mobile payment choice to deliver.

Is there a dissimilarity between processing in-store credit card transactions and online credit card transactions via mobile devices?

The sort of business you operate (brick and mortar, eCommerce) states the kind of online payments you process. Typically, you need a credit card processor that receives all primary credit and debit card networks; prepaid and gift vouchers; and digital wallet payment modes, comprising Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. If you have an offline store, your point-of-sale (POS) system should enable buyers to put inside and swipe cards or click on their smartphone to conduct the transaction. 

If you operate an online eCommerce business. So, your payment processing solution should function on both mobile and desktop devices.

Which credit card payment solution is the most affordable for small businesses?

Discovering the most affordable credit card payment solution possible may not be the most cost-effective choice for your small business.


If your online small business processes less than $2,500 monthly, payment service providers– or mobile credit card processors such as Square, or Stripe are the best choices for you. While payment service providers assess a higher percentage resembled other rates, you’ll save funds in the long run because there aren’t any other fees, containing setup fees and annual PCI compliance fees, connected with preferring a payment facilitator. 

If your small business processes more than $3,000 monthly or has enormous sales counts. So, you’ll like to function with an ISO/MSP – independent sales organizations (ISO) and merchant service provider (MSP) processing units.

These firms can place up a merchant account for your online business, and although they assess extra fees that payment providers don’t, you’ll save funds due to the descending rate they charge for processing online payments at a more increased volume.

Moreover, if your small business processes a low ratio of credit card payments every month, glance for a payment processor that won’t assess you a monthly minimum cost. And which is the minimum dollar part of credit card processing fees you must fulfill every month. If you don’t fulfill the minimum needs. Then you will need to pay for the dissimilarity.

For more details about receiving online credit card payments and exploring the suitable credit card payment solution for your small business. So, you must look out for our reviews of the best credit card payment solution Europe (U.K, Netherlands, Russia, Malta, Belarus, etc.).

What are the primary benefits of accepting credit card payments?

Among the reasons you may like to process online credit card transactions contain:

  • Additional buyers. As per the 2019 report, cash usage was recorded for 25.4% of all online payments, decreasing four percentage points from the previous year. Cash use is expected to continue declining. Thus, leaving more room for credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallet payments.
  • Increased income. Since credit cards don’t need an instant payment by buyers. However, receiving credit card payments can enable buyers to buy more from your online store, thereby improving your income.
  • Effortless payments. Taking credit card payments can simplify your business financial control via your POS system far more efficiently than plastic money can.


When selecting a credit card merchant account Europe (U.K, Netherlands, Russia, Malta, Belarus, etc) and payment gateway appears difficult. But they don’t necessarily have to be. Intrinsically, the security of your buyers’ credit card details and your reputation are at risk. So, a credit card payment solution is an integral part of your business.

Yet, payment gateway providers such as WebPays make it easier. They function with various acquiring banks, credit card networks, and regulatory terms. Also, allowing online businesses to offer flexible payment processing to their buyers. To provide your online business with a great hike, contact us with just making a click here.