eBook Merchant Account


WebPays offers eBook Merchant Account to the sellers

We at WebPays offer the eBook Merchant Account to the dealers who are selling E-book online. It is regarded as an electronic form of an old-style print volume that could be read via using a PC. We are an experienced financial advisory firm offering services to a number of clients all over the world. Our clients are satisfied with our amenities as far as a merchant account is concerned. You can avail our exclusive advice when it comes to making your business run in a proper manner.

Traits of WebPays System:

Our payment entries are intended to offer your commercial a very safe payment solution at a very inexpensive rate. We offer the solution to your business related to eBooks. We offer eBook Merchant Account to the dealers in eBook selling for making their business work in an appropriate manner.

  • We offer a solution to accept, credit or debit card, gift cards as well as ACH transfers
  • We provide PCI compliance contentment, including free susceptibility skimming of your Internet Protocol address to guarantee a safe internet connection
  • Payment entries that incorporate with in-store Point of Sale systems
  • Tools applicable for detecting fraud in advance and chargeback problem tools are employed.
  • Squat rate assurance, with no concealed charges
  • No Monthly Charges
  • Why one must possess high- risk merchant accounts?

    You cannot obtain outlays online without a mercantile account. The eCommerce money-making is regarded to be high- risk as it includes the sum of transactions online. The high -risk mercantile account validates the payment procedure via credit card, debit card, net banking solution and through other choices. A start-up corporate without credit card processing is at high-risk in the online marketplace. The online profit-making has great chargeback risk. A mercantile processor can reflect your commercial as high-risk besides may not offer the merchant account amenities.

    In order to overcome the challenges correlated with an online business. The rudimentary requirement is to possess a safe mercantile account besides a second significant thing is the protected payment gateway amenities. WebPays offers both the amenities at an inexpensive price. We have broad solutions for suppliers of eBooks seeking for the eBook Merchant Account and payment accesses. We are proficient in offering the High-Risk Merchant Account through the banks situated globally. That is the reason we are able to process your account in a few days.

    Contact us for the services

    If you are dealing in business related to eBook then you need an eBook Merchant Account to make your business thrive. The easiest way for you is to simply contact us on our specific number or apply the form online filling up all the info. Our consultants will contact you and offer you speedy service and match your requirement with the acquiring bank or PSPs. We have experts who are dedicated to their work and can offer you service at any time of the day.