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eCommerce Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

The eCommerce Business has seen multiple surges over time. Today, the eCommerce Business is booming with a massive consumer base. Furthermore, competition is also on the rise for merchants. Therefore, putting your business on the leaderboard requires an eCommerce Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway.

Your business chain requires a way to process online payments and get them into the account. Therefore, WebPays provide complete merchant account and payment processing solutions to eCommerce businesses. We have multiple features and benefits that help you perform better in the digital marketplace.

Accept Online Transactions with eCommerce Merchant Account

The eCommerce Merchant Account is the heart of the online payments for your business. It accepts online payments and settles them into your business account after maturity. As eCommerce falls under the high-risk category of businesses, we provide precise safety to the merchant account. In other words, WebPays ensures all the Merchant accounts are PCI Compliant.

Moreover, there are added benefits to the merchants with our dedicated services. These benefits work pretty much in complement with the payment gateway and offer the best payment processing solution to your business.

Your eCommerce Business can accept multiple currencies and payment methods. It ensures that consumers get the convenience and your business attains loyalty.

The eCommerce Payment Gateway and Smooth Payment Processing

The eCommerce Merchant Account requires a body to process online payments. The payment processing channel is in direct contact with the payment gateway. Therefore, all the Payment Experiences of the consumers depend on the Payment Gateway and the features. Hence, WebPays’ Payment Gateway has many features that actively work to provide the best payment experience.

Card On File

Consumers want your business to remember the transaction details for future payments. Thus, we take care of the ‘remember me’ particulars. The card on file feature of the payment gateway remembers the transaction details of the consumers and keeps it safe with Tokenization for future payments.


Tokenization is converting sensitive information into non-sensitive information for payment processing. It is mostly used with the card on file feature to make the system safe and secure from breaches. Though it is a passive feature, it works actively on the payment processing channel.

Easy Checkout

Payment redirects hamper the consumer payment experience and lead to low consumer retention. Therefore, WebPays provider just one window for the complete processing of the payment. It minimizes the redirects and makes the entire process quick. Furthermore, this features showcases the expertise of our services in the department.

Anti-Fraud Tools

WebPays’ Payment Gateway and Merchant account require multiple fraud prevention tools. These tools work directly for payment processing and in the background too. We use some state-of-the-art anti-fraud tools such as AVS, Fraud Scoring, Multi-Factor Authentication, etc., that provide added safety to the business.

Complete Chargeback Protection

WebPays provide complete chargeback protection to the merchants. That means you don’t have to worry about the chargeback for your business. WebPays ensures that your business doesn’t get the setback from the chargebacks and keeps the entire process streamlined. We cover the complete cost of the chargeback and pay the financial entities without your involvement.

Complete Merchant Assistance

We keep the assistance ready for your business to get instant approval for the merchant account and quick integration of the payment gateway. Our professional and expert executives are here to reach you when you request a callback. They will help you get all the documents online and start with the integration process of the eCommerce Payment Gateway.

24 x 7 Technical Support

Last but not least is the technical support after you get the payment processing channel. We understand that payment processing is not your forte. Hence, we provide technical support to your business 24 x 7 to help you at times of need. No matter the hour of the day, our experts are ready to support your business and provide solutions to any barriers or problems in payment processing.

WebPays Provide Expert Solutions for your business

WebPays has some of the best Payment Technology teams working behind the curtains. It adds to the interoperability of our business and produces excellent results for your business. Webpays allow you to get your merchant account easily. Furthermore, the integration of the payment gateway becomes seamless.

Expertise in SaaS and High-Risk Businesses ensures that you get the quick solution you require. Acquiring a merchant account and processing online payments won’t be an issue for your business anymore.

A Personal Touch to Your Business

In conclusion, getting the payment gateway can add a personal touch to your business. The White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions provide a personal touch to the payment gateway. It allows you to change the look of the payment gateway to represent your business.

Change the brand name, image, font, font size, color, or the complete UI of the payment gateway. The white labeling of the payment gateway will give an extra edge to your business.

Get in touch with our expert services to get the eCommerce Merchant Account and Payment Gateway.