Escort Services Merchant Account


WebPays offers Escort Services Merchant Account to traders

Good merchant facilities can be difficult to find, but WebPays offers Escort Services Merchant Account to the person dealing in this business. You have to simply make a click to avail our services. Even though, it is completely different from adult video besides merchandising business. This industry must be cautious of its dealings. It should opt for a suitable affiliate for its business dealings.

We are one of the firms providing better payment handling solutions for the merchants dealing in escort services. We offer a satisfying facility to our clients seeking our amenity. Well, we are here to offer you a flawless solution! Mostly, escort manufacturing is a high-risk trade that is the most complicated too.

Avail Escort Services Merchant Account with WebPays

Applying for an Escort Services Merchant Account with WebPays is stress-free and takes just a few minutes to complete the process. Get started at the present by ticking the knob above or else feel to approach a live mercantile account manager by us on our particular number. With several offshore banking procedures that provide speedy approvals, we have offshore mercantile account solutions meant for escort traders–those with a record and beginners.

We offer our preeminent estimate which includes-

Offshore Escort Services Merchant Account with payment dispensation history which takes about 5 commercial days to 14days.

Escort Merchant Account Charges

The fees charged via WebPays and the banking associate depends on several features:

  • Merchant’s processing past
  • Type of business such as high or else low-risk factor involved
  • Sales volume
  • Level of chargebacks
  • Other features
  • WebPays charges no dues until your mercantile account is accepted by the obtaining bank with which we offer you an Escort Services Merchant Account Each merchant account is distinct however typical charges include:

  • Chargeback Fee
  • Merchant Account Fee
  • Discount Rate
  • Transaction Fee
  • Merchant Account Registration Fee
  • Monthly Statement Charges
  • Refund Fee
  • Why Are Escort Suppliers Considered as High Risk?

    Escort suppliers are regarded as high-risk mainly on account of its business type. Numerous banks are cautious in providing payment processing solutions meant for escort industries because of reputational fears and high chargeback tariffs.

    An offshore or worldwide banking solution is an escort dealer’s best payment choice. Offshore banks incline to be more generous while judging the businesses; offer large volume limits; and weekly disbursements

    Why should you select us?

    WebPays has made it too much safe for our clients. We identify your insistence and make you get all your payments at a decent convenience! We will offer you all the benefits related to your transactions.

  • You will obtain the finest payment entries with us where you can receive payments via credit card. We provide all the solutions with all kinds of credit cards as well!
  • We will aid you to obtain your payment record with the aid of all the declarations that you can evaluate and take care of all your accounts.
  • We offer 100% satisfied service to our clients in making their payment processing work in a smooth manner
  • We offer safe protocols for your reimbursement processes such as API’s, SSL certificates and several more which keeps it encoded. This makes your business account safe from all fake doings