Escort Services Merchant Account

Escort Services Merchant Account

Escort Services Merchant Account with beautiful escorts for high profile businessman

The escort service is a well-known service which not only satisfies the clients but also do some of the important works such as receiving or accompanying them on important business tours. The business has found an able partner with the e-commerce industries and with the customized services it turns out to be a high-risk business service. The High-Risk Payment Processing Solution which is the first requirement as the services put a premium charge and with offshore banking solutions that is found to be customized for the payments and services makes it a live merchant account. The reliable services with has bought the industries to be live and it takes minutes to find the escort of the choice and pay for the services.

The escort services merchant account asks for some typical fees which are a part of the business:

  • Chargeback fee
  • Merchant account fee
  • Discount rate
  • Merchant account registration fee
  • Monthly statement fees
  • Refund fee
  • Transaction fees

With high number of females and males who are joining this industry and with the services expanding in the form of massage parlour and many other such services could be found with the merchant account solutions with

The Adult Merchant Account solutions need only three months bank statements or the 3-6 months payment processing statements with company name with total sales or refunds along with returns and chargebacks.

The offshore start-up adult merchant accounts with three months of banking business with business banking letters. The offshore escorts merchant accounts with immediate approvals and payment processing history of either 5 business days to 2 weeks.

The Escorts Services Merchant Accounts are found to be with high-risk merchant accounts because of the industry type and it offers payment processing solutions with escort business that is found with a hit at its reputation (as it is still considered to be a negative industry).

Adding to the business are the solid and reliable payment gateways which take the payment either through credit, debit cards or many a times through mobile payment gateways. The e-commerce platforms which have merged well with the business takes the help of websites and from there on the profile which is about height and personal specifications preferably vital stats are provided along with the image of the escorts. Sometimes few male models are found to be working with the business and they go for various parties such as hen parties and kitty parties where they entertain the woman clients.

The escort services merchant accounts with reliable website works with these many services:

  • Swift approval with applications
  • Straightforward set-up of accounts
  • Reasonable rates in processing
  • Multi-currency processing with Dollar as preferred one
  • Acceptance by international business services
  • Solid payment gateways
  • High volume support with dedicated merchant account
  • Daily and weekly or hour services

The people from high class ask for high profile escorts and with the business following higher standards it needs to understand the protection of customers data. The services of the payment gateways involve the PCI standards and with the benefit of security and protection the business can be found with less risks at-least where the customer data is concerned. The fastest payment solution along with the work approach with the benefits of coinciding with the business hours or your leisure time makes the vendor and the employees to be work ready.

Here are some added services apart from the escort services merchant accounts for which the payment processing is done:

  • Adult dating sites
  • Online dating sites
  • New startup business
  • Spa and massage business

One has not to forget that different countries have different rules or law for Escort Services Merchant Accounts such type of industries and with some of the countries which has given it a hand down at times few of the countries also give a thumbs up to such services. So, the rules and regulations of the particular country should be understood as the laws are stringent and that is the reason such services either work under disguise or kept under wraps.

The other aspect of this business is about the customer preference for their preferred escorts and whether it is the money or any other implication the rich and the influential do not mind about asking for the repeated escorts. The payment gateways are easily compatible through payment modules and apps along with the customer support as soon as the business person asks for the escort the service is provided at times with discounts.

The escort services are not new and many a times some of the earlier escorts were doubling up as secret service agents because of their beautiful figure and composure during WW II. But when the same business was merged with elegant and beautiful women the business saw a new high helping the rich and mighty some night of pleasure and the advent of ecommerce almost bought a new find success to this industry.