Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

Fantasy sports Merchant Account Ensures Your Business Credibility

Enjoy credit card processing for Fantasy sports business globally. Fantasy sports betting have been increasing in the US as various people try to hit for legitimate legalization. There occurs a lot of competition heating up in the industry while offering monthly, daily & onetime betting options to multiple eager sports fans.

Basically, it is not at all an easy task to just have an awesome website for capturing your customers. You need to collect the payments while keeping your business run in an easy manner. Various sports betting payments get made via credit cards so as to have the access to offer this to your customers need to be taken care of. In reality, it is not at all an easy task to get a Fantasy sports Merchant Account for your high-risk business.

A fantasy sport is countable as an enormous industry & grows amazingly well. With a lot of huge players, you are required to enjoy both fame & fortune. Americans report as to have placed bets upon the outcomes of a fantasy league competition.

Enjoy getting the approval for Fantasy sports Merchant Account

Fantasy sports has grown immensely well with an average crossing up to 12% every year. With such huge numbers, you must obtain secure as well as reliable Fantasy sports Merchant Account so as to enhance your business worldwide.

If you are planning to start your own fantasy sports business while being able to collect the payments become a top priority. Even though banks do not make it an easy task. The banks consider fantasy sports business as high-risk.

Not just because of the industry but also because of the large transaction volumes & amounts due to the high chargebacks that are possible to occur. Most of the banking partners refuse to assists the merchant services to fantasy sports business due to its high-risk factors.


According to numerous payment processors, Fantasy sports are a high-hazard industry. The part of cash being bet inside day by day Fantasy Alliances and a component of chance assuming a function in deciding a client's rewards, bring about an impression of betting.

Organizations that work in the betting space are bound to be confronted with unreasonable chargebacks, misrepresentation, and cases of illegal tax avoidance, all of which can expand risk for a payment-processor. This expansion in potential risk implies that most payment processors will consequently decline to work with Fantasy sports organizations.

Advantages and Features in the wake of acquiring High-Risk Gateway

If you are a merchant who wants to lead the business globally then plan to get the best Fantasy Merchant Account for your high-risk business. The company knows how the fantasy risk associated industry works out & how it is best to get the approval quickly. The company assists both you & your customers with the best payment methods while diligently working with you to create the best credit card processing solution.

Approximately 50% of the population that gets engaged in the Fantasy sports business, things to get respect through the financial institutions & credit card processors.

Unfortunately, the success of this industry has reached the ears of huge industries like visa & Mastercard. The fantasy industry is specifically considered as high-risk as it depends more on luck than on your skills.

Your industry involves gambling which names it as a risky industry. You require the best payment processor that fits your business requirements smoothly in an easy manner.

You deserve to get the Fantasy Sports Merchant Account through the best solution provider that caters the best suitable solution for expanding your business worldwide.

While numerous merchant specialist co-ops (MSPs) avoid Fantasy sports and sports anticipating organizations, WebPays grasps this developing industry.

The area is viewed as high-risk by money related establishments for an assortment of reasons. Fantasy sports organizations experience a high measure of chargebacks, particularly when clients lose a game and attempt to debate a charge for the services completely by guaranteeing the payment was false.

Regardless of whether the chargeback is ill-conceived, it will remain on the organization's dealer account articulation until it's contested, researched and switched. Furthermore, when exchanging MSPs, planned suppliers will take a gander at those account proclamations and may be hindered by a ton of chargebacks-as should be obvious which are currently being contested and conceivably switched. Legitimate guidelines, combined with the risk related with accepting card-not-present transactions by and large, further add to the business' high-risk grouping.

We Can Help

In any case, at WebPays we comprehend the risk of chargebacks and offer dealer accounts with similarly high chargeback limits. Our extortion and chargeback anticipation procedures and cutting edge payment entryways offer security, comfort and progressed detailing apparatuses explicitly customized to the Fantasy sports specialty.

Advantages of Fantasy Merchant Account

  • Experience and comprehension of the Fantasy Sports industry to push you to immediately open a dealer record and begin tolerating visa payments from clients.
  • Secure payment gateway and truck combinations completely agreeable with PCI DSS statements.
  • Gather payments in more than 160 monetary standards and get comfortable 27 monetary forms.
  • Help forestall chargebacks with the most recent innovation and keep up great representing your business with the card organizations to guarantee your merchant account.