Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is WebPays all about?

    WebPays is one of the major FinTech companies catering the requirement of credit card processing for high-risk verticals globally with multiple acquiring partners around the world; with modern technology and easy to use dashboard WebPays enjoys the lion share in the high-risk payment processing globally.

  • WebPays efficiently provides you with merchant account services, suitable payment solutions for your online business. We deal with industries of different niche whether it belongs to high-risk or has a low credit score. We are offering more than 100 APMs along with the popular card payments like Visa, Mastercard, JCb, Amex Diners etc. You can visit our website to know more about our services or can have words with our experts.

  • There is no predefined industry we specifically work with. We work with almost every business. In fact, we are dedicated to providing merchant account services to the high-risk categories business. Such as, betting, casino, tech-support, CBD, gambling, crypto exchanges, forex and nutra.

  • There are wide assortments of reasons a business can be characterized with high-risk and not every one of them are bad. High-risk merchants may procure this arrangement because of their transaction volume, industry type, run of the mill charge-back rate, by falling into any of these classifications, your business will consequently be regarded high-risk by merchant account suppliers over the globe. A few businesses fall into the high-risk classification of no ifs, ands or buts, while others are painstakingly examined for obvious risk factors.

  • In order to get the merchant account services with us, you need to apply by the application form, please complete our online application form by clicking the "Apply Now" link which is located in the menu bar. Then you have to submit the requested documentation and afterwards, we proceed further!

  • This depends upon the requirements with. Typically this should take 3 to 5 days however this could take longer depending on how quickly you can provide any necessary documentation so please take this into consideration in your project time scales.

  • There are no pre fixed charges or fees. We generally quote the rates once we get to know about your business and its requirements. Once you apply with us our experts do the honest review and look after all the factors related to your business and offer you services at best possible rates.

  • There are no onboarding fee from WebPays!

  • Generally it takes 1 to 3 working days. Sometimes in the unlikely event, or technical error missed transactions get batched in the following day so you will always get your funds deposited to your account.

  • The merchant account accompanies a broad control board that permits you to deliver end ff day reports for all transactions and ought to permit you to perform different functions additionally including card refunds. Numerous features are accessible through the control board including anti-extortion, insights, pay page look and feel, account security and numerous more.

  • We have different systems set up to shield us from such an occurrence. We have an indistinguishable back up system set up that can be initiated within 15 minutes of a significant major server failure. Our card processing system involves numerous server and system gadgets and we have in any event two of everything running consistently to ensure solid and accessible help. During any downtime we additionally have a function which accounts every single endeavored transaction and we can re-process transactions when the administration is back on the web. The client who is making the buy won't know there has been an issue.

  • We pay attention to security to such an extent that we are presently remotely inspected by visa and Mastercard to guarantee our security meets their prerequisites in addition to some of WebPays own. We right now have repetitively conveyed firewall and interruption identification set up alongside the safe storage of visa information by putting away in an encoded format. WebPays is a PCI Level 1 certified payment specialist organization. We have worked with various security experts to ensure our frameworks are as secure as could be expected under the circumstances and try to acquire new features where functional will keep up the elevated levels of security our clients.

  • At WebPays we have practical experience in offering types of assistance that work and function admirably for our clients. Some portion of the services we give to our clients utilizing the merchant feature is the service of an anti-fraud feature in your control board. This anti-extortion permits you to perform up to 15 special checks against conceivable features with a portion of those checks configurable by the client.

  • PCI represents the Payment Card Industry and is a standard resulting from the card plans prerequisite to make payment benefits more secure. WebPays is a level 1 PCI licensed organization which is the most significant level accreditation. We have gotten certify so you don't need to and by utilizing our pay page component card details are flawlessly taken on our protected framework which has been thoroughly tried to the best expectations in security. There are situations where accreditation is required for a client yet this is for the most part at a much lower (Level 4) whereby essential security standards must be maintained.

  • WebPays is an inventive face of enhanced digital payment solution, continuously working to improve the payment system with our top-notching services.
    Our team is dedicated to assisting clients in every way possible to fulfill their requirements, personalizing their payment system, and to provide the sense of security related to transactions and financial details data.

  • Yes, we work globally. All approvals are subject to underwriting and risk assessment, you need to qualify the criteria for different jurisdictions and verticals, for more details and help you may contact our one of the sales representative, they will guide you with application with WebPays.

  • There are no cap to add multiple store as long as they are approved by our risk assessment team, there might be additional fee associated in some cases, you need to get in touch with your accounts manager, he/she will guide to with the complete process.