Law Firms Merchant Account


Appropriate payment solution for law firmss

Law companies are similar to any other industry and they need fine payment solutions to avail credit card payments from customers. For these firms, this is a sort of challenge but WebPays has a way out for every trader seeking amenity. We are one of the popular firm offering credit card payments online in a few days. Your firm can receive credit card payments online through one of our Law Firms Merchant Account.

Virtual Terminal Entrée

With a WebPays, law companies can competently gather customer payment info over the handset and process dealings online through acquiring banks virtual terminal. Our MOTO trader accounts come prepared with a completely-functional virtual terminal, letting you enter credit card data via phone for payment in few seconds manually.

Modified Merchant Account Solutions

Whatever you specialize; WebPays has a payout processing way out for you. Beneath are few of the practices that we deal in-

  • Workers’ Remuneration
  • Personal Wound Claims
  • Commercial Lawsuit
  • Employ Law
  • Offshore besides Domestic Solutions
  • Customer Finance Rights
  • Family Decree
  • PPI Privileges
  • WebPays works alongside numerous e-commerce businesses all over the world and focuses on providing mercantile accounts to high-risk businesses. We have partnered with a wide range of national and overseas acquiring banks, making us provide a custom way out to high as well as low-risk dealers. Thus, our Law Firms Merchant Account offers payment processes in an easy manner and augments your business deals.

    Associate yourself with Bank’s Payment Processing

    Your new obtaining banking associate will join your web to its safe payment gateway, offering you the service to receive credit card payouts online without a fuss.

    Merchant Account Application and Checklist

    WebPays offers its mercantile account list enabling the clients to get the procedure started. With our grid of banking associates, our mercantile account customer service will work to offer the unsurpassed payment handling solution for your industry.

    Accept manifold payment kinds

    For better amenity, give your customers the alternative to pay via credit card or can pay straight from their bank account by means of the eCheck. eChecks are considered to be quicker and safer alternative as compared to paper checks.

    Make each invoice payable online

    Simply include a payment linkage to your client bills consisting of PDF and printed duplicates. Your customers will be directed to a safe page on your web to pay you quickly. Here are exceptional considerations for law companies in establishing up a mercantile account method. Their billing procedure is dissimilar from other high-risk dealers and can take diverse means for example trust accounts, ACH outgoings, and several other payments mean. Merchant Processing Counselors has joined with payment service provider around the world that provide the solutions that law companies need in order to have a well-organized besides safe processing method. We can guarantee that our customers will have entrée to the vital implements that they require such as virtual terminals, online as well as mobile payments or integrated payment gateway solutions for your business offers safe transactions. Helping customers in the court is regarded as a decent search. The Merchant Processing Consultants is here to aid law companies to obtain a mercantile account that will ease easy as well as make your payment safe. We have company contracts with payment service providers that are greatly interested in your corporate and provide highly reasonable charges. You can contact our customer service or you can fill up our high-risk mercantile account application form to get a percentage quote within 2-3 days’ time. We will offer you the finest Law Firms Merchant Account and features at a lower rate without a problem.