Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Merchant services are the most important part of a business-to-customer payment transaction. It is the transaction element, which enables the seamless and secure transfer of money from a customer account to a company account in real-time.

Accept payments online, whatever your business model, on any device or channel. You will run fast, can easily add payment methods, and increase your conversion rates.

WebPays have complete knowledge of the e-commerce industry and its functioning. We love to connect with the eCommerce business owners looking for merchant services. We have payment solutions for every business you can count on.

Don’t you worry, if your business falls at high-risk, we serve you too with high-risk payment processing services?

WebPays offers all sorts of transaction and payment options to make you run your business efficiently.

With multi currency acceptance to multiple ways to accept payment.
Be it credit card, local wallets, you just need one MID to integrate more than 150 ways to do business internationally.

Chargebacks Protection

WebPays Chargeback Protection protects your company against dispute predictability. If your company is confronted with fraudulent disputes, we will cover the disputed quantity and waive the dispute fee.

Your sales are secured from fraudulent disputes by using chargeback protection to prevent losses. We will reimburse the contested amount and waive the dispute, regardless of whether the dispute is legitimate or not.

It covers digital and physical product online sales, any size transactions, and worldwide purchases.


A cryptocurrency is a new form of "digital asset" that is stored in a network and spread through thousands of computers. As a result, it has a “decentralized” system that allows it to prosper outside of the influence of the government and central authority. Our knowledgeable and experienced team understands the vast and complicated world of international payment processing. Cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming another road to global expansion for you.
Accept bitcoins, USDT and all other crypto on the same MID, no need to look beyond.


Our latest technology now serves as a connection across the globe as a leading payment processor and the world's best e-commerce platforms. With open gateway options that meet your business needs, we provide you with the resources you need to empower your business technology.

Global Payment Gateway and High-Risk Processing

WebPays payment gateway provides the protection and infrastructure required for the fast and secures transfer of transaction data between merchant websites and credit card networks; with the latest update seamless API and a custom dashboard.

The gateways are designed to save time and money for small and mid-sized companies. Businesses with existing merchant accounts may apply for a high-risk payment gateway with us.

Solutions to Meet the Specific Requirements

Our partners will also assist you if your business needs more than a regular merchant account. Tell us about your unique requirements, and we'll put you in contact with a company that can help.

Do you need processing on a global scale?

We handle foreign currency transactions for the lowest possible fees. If your business needs to accept eChecks and bank.

We look forward to the opportunity to match you with the best merchant services provider for your company's unique and relevant needs across our partner network.