Payment Gateway For IPTV Business Managing Subscription-Based Services

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High-Risk payment gateways are essential for an online business of enormous ability like the IPTV industry. Internet Protocol Television is a brand-new service that is fascinating the interest of many people as a suitable way to watch cable and television via the internet without affecting any satellite or cable kit.

However, IPTV broadcasters are now having a challenging time discovering a High-Risk Payment Gateway provider. That will enable them to take credit and debit card payments from customers via an online payment gateway. This is because of the fact that IPTV technology is often used to publish illegally pirated television streams, making IPTV providers helpless to copyright breaches. Because of this, many credit card payment processors will consider the whole IPTV sector as high risk, specifically IPTV providers established in countries with significantly lax copyright enforcement laws.

About The IPTV Industry

IPTV refers to Internet Protocol Television. It provides video shows on request as well as communications between the services. The only variation between the IPTV and cable TV is that IPTV functions with the internet. Contrary, the cable uses the satellite to broadcast television programs.

Recently, the IPTV industry performs an important role in entertainment. As per the market report, the IPTV market will arrive at 57.4 billion US dollars (USD) by 2025. IPTV functions on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smart television. On the contrary, cable tv functions on TV only.

Some of the famous IPTV services consist of Disney+, HBO Max, and Netflix. Nowadays it is not challenging to create your own IPTV platform. They are ready-made saas platforms that deliver ready-to-use interfaces. These saas payment solutions are extremely beneficial for merchants who are interested in the IPTV industry. For instance, Netflix provides a free trial with excellent support throughout your streaming services takeoff.

It is not legal to stream copyrighted content and shares it with the customers. It may be legal if you have the essential licenses from the content publishers and academic property rights holders. Streaming is also illegal if you don't have any media publishing rights. Our payment processors opt to work with merchants with streaming rights.

Our payment processing partners view all the applications specifically. So there is no loss in submitting the IPTV Payment Gateway application, we will assist you with the next procedure. Our experienced team will work co-operatively with you and will never disappoint you. We will provide you with a suitable payment gateway for the IPTV business. The payment solution that we suggest is reliable and well examined.

Features Of the payment gateway for IPTV business

Subscription-based payment processing. Subscription payment options are most common in the IPTV industry. Subscription payment processing assists you to charge your customers regularly. We have a solution for you if you want to provide your customer subscription payment choices. Yet, subscription payment processing doesn't consist of a free trial.

  • IPTV in-app payments. We comprehend that merchant need a mobile app payment gateway for IPTV with the increased usage of android and apple devices nowadays. Now for your IPTV streaming app, we provide a payment solution.
  • Crypto Payment gateway for IPTV. IPTV is now more protected than regular TV because of the presence of the internet. So, some people buy subscriptions via cryptocurrencies. Merchants use alternative payment methods for this respective industry. These methods consist of crypto to fiat gateway, vouchers, and APMs excluding credit and debit cards.
  • IPTV credit card processing gateway. Your customers will easily buy the IPTV subscriptions with a credit card payment gateway solution.

What is the procedure of the Payment Gateway for IPTV business?

  • The order placed by the customer protects and transmits to the merchant's website.
  • Then online payments assess to the right Payment Gateway.
  • The transaction details will deliver to the merchant's acquiring bank.
  • Then the data dispatches to the customer's credit card issuing bank by the merchant's acquiring bank.
  • The payment gateway accepts a revert from the card-issuing bank, which contains payment data that have been authorized or rejected. If the payment rejects, the reason would be enclosed.
  • After that, the details will deliver to the merchant via Payment Gateway.
  • The revert will be protected on the merchant's server before being returned back to the customer. Customers can specify whether or not their order was successfully established.

WebPays is a payment gateway service provider that specifies catering to high-risk businesses. Mobile phone swipe services, an online payment gateway, credit card processing, and an eWallet are among the business's products and services. WebPays is a good choice for IPTV payment service providers who have a recorded history of successful payment processing.

All new merchants also acquire a reliable account executive for the span of their accounts. We deliver the pricing structure i.e. customized to every merchant's business type and processing history.


IPTV streaming business is successfully operating in many countries including the UK and Europe. As per the available data, the total income of eCommerce and IPTV in the Netherlands is $1.64 billion, with a 22.57% growth ratio projected by 2022.

The main reason behind the growth of the Netherlands eCommerce industry and IPTV services is the recent internet interest ratio of 70%, which has enhanced the usage of online shopping and payment modes in the Netherlands.

The business is usually known for data streaming services, on-demand videos, high-quality streaming, and many other internet-based services. The IPTV services will regard to be safe, reliable, and smooth because packet data are used in the transferring of data. People are now turning to IPTV from standard TV sets only due to IPTV's enormous ability. So, the merchants trading in the IPTV business are also required to be protected, secure, and reliable while functioning in online payment processing with the customers. So, the best payment gateway for IPTV is a must for the merchants who like to acquire essential advantages of the IPTV services. Feel free to connect with us, we are glad to serve you the best payment solutions.