ACH Payment Processing

We at Webpay provide ACH Payment Processing solutions to merchants in order to provide them with the quick and smooth payment transaction. Automatic Clearing House is an electronic fund transfer system to securely transfer funds from one financial institution to other financial institutions. ACH payment processing is popular in the USA and European countries. ACH is widely using for ecommerce businesses and it can also be utilized by the merchants who are not using credit or debit cards. ACH payments and credit card or debit card payments are two distinguished entity and have major differences between them. ACH payment processing doesn’t provide real-time acknowledgements for the transactions that have occurred in the real time scenario. The payment processing with ACH networks takes few days to transfer funds and the funds are electronically credited or debited within after a few days.

How ACH Payment Processing is unique and beneficial to the business?

eChecks are electronic checks that are used to make online payments. It will require your bank routing number, bank account number, name of the bank holding the account to transfer fund from your account to other bank accounts. You can process eChecks in two ways. Your check will go through a scanner which allows a scan of your physical check and transforms it into an eCheck and submits it for getting the payment electronically. While another way is to connect to a secure web connection that will enable the merchant to get the required details such as bank routing number, your bank account number and the name of the account holder to process the check. It will take up to 2-3 days to process the e-check in both the options.

ACH payment processing benefits

  • It will allow you to save money. There is a huge difference in the fees which will be required to pay for ACH payment processing and credit card payments. ACH networks require fewer fees than the credit card payments and hence can help you with saving the money.
  • Usually, eChecks are preferred in comparison to paper checks it assures that at least you have a better chance of getting the payment even if the funds are low in the account.
  • With ACH networks you are providing alternative for credit and debit cards, now a customer who is not comfortable with any of these may find ACH network beneficial for them
  • The entire process is so quick and reliable that you need not worry about the security for the payment transactions. It will also help enhance the cash flow into your business.
  • Webpay provide ACH Payment Processing solutions

    We at Webpay provide efficient ACH Payment Processing services to merchants in order to drive business for higher business prospects. We at Webpay strive hard to provide best payment gateway solutions to businesses by providing smooth and flexible payment transactions to merchants. We are providing a cost-effective alternative to merchants. Despite using credit or debit card system customer will use ACH networks and it is also a cost-effective option for the merchants. So customers and merchants both are saving money as the processing fee for e-checks is much lower than that of any other online payment option. We have years of experience in providing world-class services to merchants all over the world. It is recommended to take suggestion from professional who has profound experience in providing solutions to the business they can guide you with the best deal for payment gateway for your business. Webpay offers you the best Offshore Payment Processing that will drive your business to grow.

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