International Payment Gateway for taking your customer to higher benefits


Take the opportunity to land your business to offshore countries

Webpay provides you with the best credit card processing solutions that will help the merchant to retain smooth and flexible payment transactions. We strive hard to provide you with the merchant account that will help you gain safe and secure payment transactions. We endure every kind of merchant irrespective of their business size or volume. We provide a range of services to our merchants such as eCheck Processing, Payment Gateways, merchant account etc. Business needs a system that is much more efficient and quick that can provide them with smooth and flexible payment transactions. Business often requires payment gateway solutions in order to start accepting payments from customer through debit or credit card. Customers also have the flexibility to manage their payment easily on the merchant website. WebPays provide merchants with premium International Payment Gateway services in order to drive their business to higher growth.

Assure of having high-quality services to merchants

Merchants who are looking forward to expanding their business require an efficient credit card processing system to better optimize the business transactions. International customers also have the flexibility to make payment for their preferred product or services in their own currency. With the expansion of internet technology, every other person has some means of devices to mark their online presence with so much of customers available online. Merchants have a huge prospect of getting potential customers for their business. You will also have the possibility of getting a high volume of sales for your services or products. Payment through credit or debit cards simply has the flexibility to transfer funds from one financial institution to other financial institution. If you have tried up all other methods to get your business going then you need to allow International Payment Gateway for higher business prospects.

Merchants can afford various advantages with high-risk merchant account

You can have the opportunity of getting multiple currency factors for your online business. With multiple currencies, factor customers can easily manage to buy for your product or services in their own currency. They have the flexibility of choosing their own currency over the other currencies. Even theHigh-Risk Merchant Account are successful in getting the most potential leads to them. It not only benefits them with a high volume of sales, but it will also enhance the opportunity of getting higher business prospects. You get multiple currency factors so that you can have multiple currencies for your business account. It will also open up a wide range of opportunities for global trade. You can have some of the most significant currencies for your business such as Dollar, Euro and Pound will take your business go up high.

Get an efficient payment processor today for grabbing instant opportunities

Banks or financial institutions restrict themselves to permit merchants with an efficient payment processor o account of high-risk associated with the businesses. If only you are not associated with any sort of illegal things then only they will allow you to have an efficient payment processor. And you will need to have a good score with your recent bank statement and also required to have government recognized Identity for that purpose. They will get to know the nature of your business by following a comprehensive procedure to get to know your business nature and most importantly they will try to figure out that your business is not related to any sort of ill-legal activity. Since not all businesses are worthy of having an ACH Payment Processing. There are some high-risk businesses such as Tech Support, Online Gaming, Pharmacy and Adult Entertainment that service provider may classify them under high-risk category. There are certain documents that you need to carry at the time of availing the merchant account-

  • You are required to have valid Directors KYC for your business profile.
  • Merchants are also required to have government ids such as Voter ID card, Driving License etc.
  • If you are accompanying a business previously then you will need to have 3 months recent processor statement.
  • 3 months of recent bank statement or credit card statement is also needed to acquire a merchant account.
  • They also provide you with the 24*7 customer support service.
  • You will get your business account within 5 to 7 business weeks.
  • WebPays have years of experience in providing payment gateway solutions to firms over a wide range of the geographical region. It is recommended to take suggestions from professional experts that can provide you with the best deal available in the market for your business needs.

    Get smooth and convenient payment transactions with efficient payment processing

    International Payment Gateway allows you to have international payment for your business through credit or debit card. If you are required to expand your business you simply need an efficient payment gateway to amplify your business. Merchants often require a payment gateway to start accepting payments from customers. There is a different kind of businesses such as Adult Entertainment, Online Gaming Industry, Tech Support etc. that needs an efficient processor for the better prospect of the business. Service provider first tries to understand the nature of your business and then tends to provide merchant account according to the needs of the business.

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