Adult Toys Merchant Account

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Adult businesses delivering video streaming, toys, and any other mode of entertainment require an adult toys merchant account. That can handle all their credit card processing services.

At WebPays we provide a payment gateway solution that will assist you in boosting the prospect of your adult business the highest. Our merchant account will itself manage almost all kinds of adult pleasure. And it can also establish in less than a week.

Primary benefits of WebPays’s Adult toys merchant account

We have been serving high-risk businesses such as adult toys, online gambling, and forex trading businesses for many years. And delivering proper assistance to merchants to grow, invariably.

  • The adult merchant account from WebPays will allow you to take online credit card payments in more than 50 currencies, from buyers sitting in any corner of the globe. Our merchant account will provide you with features to remain up-to-date in this particular industry and conquer any competition.
  • Our adult toys merchant accounts arrive at invincible prices in the payment industry. You will just need to fill out the application form and our unit for underwriting will acquire the most suitable bank for you. After a quick authorization, we will transmit a contract for you to sign and you can begin moving.
  • Online businesses that deal in adult toys and services have to take payments from MasterCard and Visa credit card networks.

Documents required to apply for an adult toys merchant account

To assure that your documentation is processing fast. So, ensure you provide the following documents ready with your application form-

  1. Incorporation certificate
  2. A valid ID of the business owner with a photograph
  3. Address proof with a recent Utility bill
  4. The last three months' history of credit card processed transactions
  5. Recent three months Bank statement
  6. A valid reference letter from a bank
  7. Operational website

A collection of the above-mentioned documents will bring the expert team at WebPays only a week to get your merchant account processing began.

Deal Globally

A merchant account from WebPays will allow you to get your buyers sitting in other regions and fulfill your international sale marks. The multi-currency payment processing service from WebPays will deliver you an additional benefit of taking online payments in pounds, dollars, or Euros. And also accepting credit card payments in the currency of the buyer’s country.

Payment Gateway Integration at WebPays

After getting authorized for adult toy merchant account services, we will successfully incorporate our payment gateway solution into your website. You will get an option between around 40 shopping carts that can be established on your website so that your adult toys business executes seamlessly. Be ensured that our payment gateway services rigorously stick to all PCI DSS measures. Moreover, to confirm that all online transactions are protected and safe.

Why choose WebPays?

WebPays is a leading payment service provider in the industry of merchant services, delivering inexpensive choices to all its buyers. With our associations with acquiring banks. You could also authorize your merchant account in less than four-five days. We will provide you with a reliable payment solution for you with our global partners so that you are in the management of your money. The experts in our team, also with our technical service will desire to deliver you perfect payment services every time.

You can easily start taking online credit card transactions in less than seven days with WebPays.  Furthermore, we will assign a dedicated adult toys merchant account manager who will help you at every stage. So, sign up for WebPays now and we will solve all your payment-related issues.