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The payments system is rapidly growing, with an international payments process noticing buyers growingly prefer alternative payment methods instead of the standard methods to pay. While common payment methods such as cash and primary debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) aren't moving anywhere in the coming era. So, alternative payment methods are skyrocketing in popularity.

The evolution of alternative payment methods is great. Because of the evolution of financial technology firms and advanced technologies in the payments industry. By delivering customers with speedy and more suitable payment modes to buy products and services, pay bills, and send funds. And alternative payment service providers also have bounced up the payments industry. Also placed buyers strongly in the driver's place.

Alternative payment methods can provide merchants with an effective advantage over rivals. So it is crucial to deliver a huge variety of payment choices at the checkout.

Let's understand exactly what alternative payment methods are. And why they are important in the success of any eCommerce business.

What are alternative payment methods?

It is easy to impute the growth of alternative payments to COVID-19. But the fact is, that advanced technology has been leading the payments industry and payment gateway providers. Toward quick and more simple methods to exchange funds for centuries.

COVID has definitely sped up transformations in the customer shopping experience and payment choices. By erasing the choice to purchase from physical businesses and involving enormous changes to online shopping. Yet, FinTech companies have been pivoting the wave in pair with buyer’s requirements. Also admitting that buyers do not like to be limited by standard shopping modes and traditional methods to pay.

The primary factor in the growth of alternative payment methods is the choice of an easy, ideal, omnichannel payment experience. The customer-driven wave in multichannel digital banking and retailing has delivered buyers with more options in the manner they pay than ever before.

Famous alternative payment methods

The checkout platform has become much more refined. By driving the execution of alternative payment methods extremely safer and more suitable for merchants and customers. Each alternative payment method has its causes for its vogue with buyers. But comfort is the underlying reference for many customers.

  • Online banking
  • Online banking implies a most preferred payment method created from a bank account. However, that doesn't need the information of credit or debit card data.

  • Electronic wallets (eWallets)
  • Online or eWallets are online payment mechanisms, basically in the shape of an app. Consumers update their eWallets with money through bank transfer, credit/debit card, or cash. And also use them to conduct online payments, offline. And even also person-to-person and cross-border in some circumstances.

    An eWallet safely holds online interpretations of debit and credit cards. So buyers don't require to provide debit or credit card details or bring a physical card at all to conduct online payments. eWallets also have the capacity to keep and preserve online tickets and eVouchers. Although to keep required documents on the pointer. Some examples of eWallets are PayPal and Alipay.

  • Mobile wallets
  • Mobile wallets also known as digital wallets preferred to conduct contactless mobile transactions rather than credit cards or cash. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are instances of mobile wallets, performed via apps downloaded to a smartphone or any wearable smart device. Furthermore, to make transactions with a single tap, they can also be upgraded with show tickets, travel receipts, and loyalty cards. Or anything that can be put in a physical wallet.

    Digital wallets are created to add an extra level of safety and protection. Physical cards and cash can be easily lost or stolen. Online details are password-secured. Also frequently with an additional biometric layer of protection and other safety features include.

  • Tokenization Tokenization is to process online transactions without transmitting credit card numbers. Because the numbers will encrypt and replaced with a token.
  • Remotely data remover If your mobile device is stolen, Samsung, Apple, and Google all enable you to erase your mobile wallet data online.
  • Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL)
  • BNPL is a famous alternative payment method as it enables customers to either pay the entire amount later. It can also extend a product’s price by some installments. Usually, there is no need to pay interest or any transaction fees. Investments are mostly financed via a bank account, debit, or credit card. Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay are some main examples of this specific alternative payment method.

    International alternative payment methods

    When alternative payment methods resume achieving global approval by banks, financial organizations, customers, and merchants. Then there is no international method to pay.

    Each country has distinctive payment methods, banking fences, restrictions, and authorizing requirements. Payment practices manage to transform and evolve over time. And are usually created by various cultural, political or economic, and technological aspects. Let's take a brief look at some of the alternative payment methods in Europe economies.

    The payment system is equal in Europe to that in the US. Credit Cards are by far the most preferred and famous method of paying online. But alternative payment methods are increasing in vogue. Moreover, with 18% of customers choose to use bank transfer modes, specifically in Austria. 7% of online customers prefer other alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay.

    Why alternative payment methods are essential to any online business?

    Online businesses can deliver their buyers the ideal product for their demand. But if they don't provide the alternative payment methods those consumers select. However, they threaten to lose potential deals. This is specifically significant for varying markets such as China.

    Alternative payment methods can differentiate by security, speed, and comfort of use. So getting alternative payments is essential not only for eCommerce businesses but for all commercial moves.

    Here's why?

  • Compatible transactions evade deserted shopping carts
  • Alternative payment methods assist in removing hindrances to sales. The analyses indicate that 62% of online customers will quit shopping carts if they face conflict at the checkout. BNPL has growled in favor. And also provides probable buyers another choice if they're undergoing a temporary cash-flow problem.

  • Preserving credit card processing fees
  • Alternative payment methods convey potential savings on credit card processing fees. And which were double for eCommerce businesses in the last years. While taking credit cards is still essential for merchants. Even they still lead to a conceivable gutter in profit levels. As more buyers herd to use alternative payment methods. So, the amount of perimeter surrendered to credit card fees will reduce.

  • A better Customer Experience
  • A firm’s primary goal is to create and expand its brand. And this starts with forming a positive connection with buyers. Alternative payment methods provide consumers with many fast, easy, and secure choices. Higher encryption, biometric authentication, and tokenization signify that alternative payment methods are even more protected than credit card chip and PIN transactions.


    eCommerce businesses also have to ensure that their transactions technology stack is suitable for their specific business. They also have to permit additional payment methods at acceleration and without making further intricacy. Not all payment service providers can offer this. So it is essential to operate your eCommerce business with a payment gateway provider that provides the range required. Even also able to adjust and grow your online business.

    How WebPays can assist?

    WebPays fetches instant availability to your complete payment systems. Along with unclosing remarkable understandings of alternative payment methods. And also facilitates the payment knowledge, from end to end. The financial services enterprise functions with enormous data. So it is crucial to notice complicated practices in real-time. Associate this data and examine it fast.

    Transaction investigation and insights increase sales and deliver more simplified payment services to consumers. For banks, prominent infrastructures, and other fundamental players in the real-time industry. So, transaction monitoring determines defects in payment systems and reduces risk. You can drop us a mail anytime.