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APM's Alternative Payment Methods

In Europe Alternative Payment Methods (APM’s) impact business on a wide scale. And this can be seen with the sale numbers of Merchants with APM.

Exponential growth in sale numbers shows that consumers of e-commerce websites are quite satisfied with the way they serve. The payment partner usually plays a great role in serving merchants attain what they expect from their business.

Sale without payments is not business. Webpays in Netherland fulfils your need for payments by providing payment services like Payment Gateways, Merchant Accounts, etc.

Alternative payment methods are now bypassing more common payment methods like the use of credit and debit cards. Every country is now working to alternative the regular payment methods with some advanced technologies of payment that are more secure and easy to use.

Understanding Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative Payment Methods are subsidiary to 3D & Non-3D payment technology. It comprises of environment that enables the processing of payments other than Credit & Debit Cards. Unique in several aspects APM is programmed to alter the regular on-going methods of payment.

It helps merchants to receive payments besides the conventional method of using cards. This may be through internet banking, mobile banking, UPI, e-wallets, e-cash, and much more.

Worldwide countries along with users are diverse enough. In order to inculcate the majority of the population, payment methods are made to draw them to make use of digital platforms rather than carrying cash. Several countries are working in this direction to let peoples make less use of cash and encourage digital payments.

There are several pros and cons of using 3D and Non-3D methods of payment but in Alternative payment methods, the entire power of execution is with the user himself. Consumer details are kept safe and secure in encryption.

Importance of Alternative Payment Method (APM's) in Global Payment Gateway

If you have an audience or customers from all over the world then the Global Payment Gateway helps you accept payment through them. It rapidly processes the payments into the merchant’s currency and settles into his account.

According to research 60-70% of online users give up paying due to the unavailability of their familiar payment method. Only regular usual consumers use credit and debit cards. This behaviour has a direct impact on the business of the merchants.

In order to overcome such consequences, the merchants are now integrating their web platform with APM. Those who don't have APM in their online platform can easily observe surge in the sale numbers with time.

APM is the most flexible mode of accepting money from the users. It covers most of the consumers that are left out without Credit & Debit cards.

Global Payment Gateway is incomplete if the Support of APM's is not attached. The merchant is left out with the possibility and opportunity of adding new customers.

Alternative Payment Methods for High-Risk Merchants

There is great competition among High-Risk Merchants. When a user gets similar products on different platforms then user experience is the most prominent factor for merchants.

High-Risk merchants differ from the others with their requirement for payment gateways. Usually, business-centric payment gateways are required by various high-risk merchants.

For Example, Gambling Merchants require a Gambling Payment Gateway in order to process multiple transactions simultaneously and also offer recurring payment options in order to help the customer sustain long on the platform.

This won’t be helpful if he has to add payment via credit and debit cards for every instance of the game. It can change the user's mind over your gambling platform and he might quit the game.

Similarly, there are several other factors why a good payment processor is required to let your commerce flourish. WebPays has the solution to the need of every High-Risk Merchant.

Alternative Payment method helps such high-risk merchants to overcome such problems. The provision of e-wallets in gambling can be a good option to ensure a good experience for users.

The WebPays payment gateways are equipped with the power to transfer funds from customers to merchants. The merchants rely on Payment service providers for efficient and prominent service. The better the service greater will be the number of customers and hence more will be the profit.


In Netherland WebPays proffer Alternative Payment Methods to merchants that are seamless in growing their business worldwide. It provides all necessary solutions to merchant payment requirements.

Alternative Payment Methods are the most preferred option in developing and underdeveloped countries and if your platform is provided with APM then there is a like probability that your business can attract users from such countries.

Similarly, the developed countries also contribute to 40-50% of users with APM. In order to understand the diverse requirement, our experts let you with the most preferred solution. We are well aware of the market requirement hence our knowledge and supervision can speed your sale in the most secure way.

APM is one of our specialized services and we excel in almost every sector of Payment Services. So if you require any of the payment services with best possible resolution in the market feel free to contact us.