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Selling products or services in international markets is a fast way for merchants to get increment in sales. The hindrances to entering foreign markets have been reduced and the chances to extend globally are better than ever before.

A marketplace that has a great allure thanks to its infrastructure and product need in the Netherlands. Recently, it ranks 18th in the world for retail eCommerce sales and it is continuously growing and which is quite attractive for a country of its size.

In 2016, eCommerce sales in the Netherlands recorded €20.16 billion, which is an increase of 23 percent from 2015 and earlier in the market anticipations. Enhancing customer confidence is one of the main reasons for the growth of an eCommerce business. Although most reviewers predict this increment in customer confidence to continue, not slighted due to GDP per capita being also enhanced.

eCommerce in the Netherlands

eCommerce is a huge business in the Netherlands. In 2016, eCommerce businesses were worth 11.3% of total retail sales, which was an increment of 8.9% as compared to 2015. To get this into view, the eCommerce share of the market in the Netherlands is more than in many other countries. In the US, for instance, eCommerce accounts for just 8% of retail sales.

One of the main reasons for this increment in retail market share is that sales of mobile devices are increasing in the Netherlands. In 2016, 23% of online sales were performed via mobile devices, an increment of 68% from the last year. Whereas sales of mobile devices are increasing, the Netherlands is still after various countries, so additional growth is predicted. For instance, in the UK, more than 29% of eCommerce transactions are processed via mobile devices.

That's why the requirement for an eCommerce payment gateway in the Netherlands is also increasing frequently. Various payment gateways are becoming famous in the eCommerce ecosystem. Generally, a website of an online store is having two or three payment gateway options to offer flexibility to its customers. According to the requirements, various payment gateways modify competitively in the payment industry. Are you in a difficulty opting for the right eCommerce payment gateway in the Netherlands?

So we will assist you in making this task simple. This blog will take you to the features of an eCommerce payment gateways they have for you.

Features of an eCommerce Payment Gateway in the Netherlands

An eCommerce payment gateway is a payment service that enables you to process credit card payments online for your eCommerce businesses. There are several options for payment gateways but the best one has conveyed some additional features.

  • Transaction costs. The charges play a crucial role in choosing the suitable eCommerce payment gateway in the Netherlands. Even the difference of a fraction makes a big effect on the funds that merchants accept when a large volume of transactions is performed. Generally, there is an already set processing fee with a variable fee as per the card service provider. Before selecting, you must understand all sorts of fees associated.
  • Data Encryption. All the payment gateways provide some level of encryption but it is essential to go for a payment gateway with a strong track record. Because hackers try to decrypt the data that is transmitted because most businesses are executing online. That’s why you will require to opt for a payment gateway that is PCI compliant. That consists of securing data by TLS when transmitting with a secure website that executes with HTTPS.
  • Geographic Location Services. It delivers different prices, sales, and also events as per the geographic location. An eCommerce Payment Gateway having this feature is easy for both the customers and merchants. It also provides a precious feature in your marketing practices.
  • Multi-currency acceptance. Generally, an eCommerce business has an international reach. A merchant may deal around the world and would never want to be limited by the options available in the payment gateway. Also, a customer never likes to make payments in foreign currency as it will charge him an exchange fee. So, the merchants must be able to accept payments in their desired currency.

How can you opt for the best eCommerce Payment Gateway in the Netherlands?

With the rapid growth in the availability of payment service providers, it has become more difficult to select the most suitable eCommerce payment gateway in the Netherlands. Moreover, there is no measuring scale for choosing the best one. But you can observe the given factors before deciding something:

  • Transaction volumes that process. Website credibility relies on how easy and secures a transaction is processing. The success volume of a suitable payment gateway is around 95%. Your customers never want to be in a hanging position between a successful or unsuccessful situation. You’ll have to do an exact market analysis before processing your transactions.
  • Security Features. Your customer relies on the payment gateway by providing their personal payment details. A payment service provider should encrypt the details before transmitting them to another server because no one can compromise the security part. When a website has various payment gateways, its security requires to be perfect and performed by selecting the most secure eCommerce payment gateway. An entire payment gateway with lower security standards has to be clearly denied.
  • Easy integration and maintenance. Payment service providers function via a complete software development cycle and must not take so much time to integrate an eCommerce payment gateway. There is no shortcut for this but do not get involved in multiple complicated payment gateways, as they are the only ones who are responsible for its maintenance.

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