eCommerce Payment Gateway

eCommerce Payment Gateways

Take your business to the next level with eCommerce Payment Gateway

While getting into the eCommerce industry, it is vital to choose a suitable payment gateway. A gateway impacts your business both positively and negatively. Your right selection can uplift your business, and the wrong one can end the scope of your business.

As a merchant, if you want to boost traffic and want your current customer pay, an eCommerce Payment Gateway is the right recipe for your business.

In this blog, we will know the facts that should be kept in mind while choosing a payment processing solution.

What to look for while choosing a payment processing service for the eCommerce industry?

Various factors are there that should be considered when looking for a payment gateway. Here is the detailed list of those:

  • Do payment methods suit your customers?
  • It is essential to know that the payment gateway you choose supports the payment methods your customers prefer.

    Today, people like to have choices. A business that is having only one payment option may lose such customers.

    As a merchant, you are supposed to take care of your every customer's needs. Some will like to go traditionally, some will love to go with the flow and will ask for the latest payment option, so you must have all the payment options available to satisfy your customer's choices.

  • eCommerce platform support gateway or not?
  • It is mandatory to check that the Payment Gateway you are choosing supports your eCommerce business or not? You should ask the below question to the service provider before proceeding further:

    1. Do they support the payment methods your business needs?
    2. What gateway do they support, and can they provide more than one?
    3. Will they provide integration via API? If so, is that ready-to-use or need to be developed?
    4. Will they offer SSL certification?
  • Rigid Security
  • Security is the most crucial aspect to consider while looking for a payment processing service. You must check the below point before proceeding:

    1. Is gateway PCI-DSS compliant or not? This will ensure the safety of payment information stored independently.
    2. The payment gateway they provide is 3D secure or 2D secure.
    3. What fraud prevention and security tools you will be offered?
    4. Will you get protection against the chargeback?

    A healthy payment platform makes business more credible and legitimate.

  • How will they enhance the purchase experience?
  • You must want to makes your customer feel safe and secure and provide a hassle-free experience while making payment. Various factors are involved in the process of making your payment processing flawless. Below are the facts that need to check:

    1. Alignment of checkout pages.
    2. How many steps are required to complete the payment?
    3. Security measures you keep to make payment data secure
  • Global expansion
  • Having a local payment processor is okay; what about international transactions? What if your customers will ask for a payment option in their local currency? Do you need to check here the service provider offers International Payment Gateway or not?

    Points to check:

    1. Does the processor have the ability to process payments in various currencies?
    2. Will you get all the security measures while managing global transactions?
    3. Will the service provider help you in maximizing your sales?

    Keeping the above factors in mind while looking for an eCommerce Payment Gateway will assist you in getting the best solution.

Why WebPays?

WebPays is recognized as the one-stop solution for the eCommerce based industries. We have all sorts of solutions for all kinds of businesses. With our High-Risk Merchant Account service, we help merchants involved in any industry manage their financial transactions.

We offer several services with our payment gateway to help you in making your payment processing experience flawless.

WebPays offers a Credit Card Processing service to the merchants that helps them process credit card and debit card payments. With us, merchants can process payment via all the major card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.

Other benefits with us:

  • Easy integration process with transparent pricing
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multichannel payment processing
  • Diverse currency processing
  • International Payment Gateway solution
  • Offshore payment processing
  • 24*7 technical support

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