Forex Payment Gateway Cyprus

Forex Payment Gateway Cyprus

The Simple Formula For Success In Forex Payment Gateway Cyprus

The Forex industry is rising in a fastening way. People are investing a massive amount of funds in the industry regularly. In addition, more and more merchants are getting involved in the industry after the e-commerce revolution.

People are now being more active and looking for a new way to make an online payment. At this point, Forex merchants in Cyprus should look for Forex Payment Gateway Cyprus.

An effective payment gateway will get all the solutions to the merchants they require to operate their business. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few points about payment gateway.

What is a payment gateway, and importance of it?

A payment gateway is referred to as an e-commerce service. It processes, validates, and accepts or declines direct payments or credit card payments on behalf of merchants.

A payment gateway plays an essential role between the customer and merchant while making an online transaction. It is used to transmit payment information and get approval from the issuer's bank.

A payment gateway is essential in online business as it helps transmit the payment data between the payment portal and the card processor.

Due to involved distance and anonymity in online shopping, payment gateway uses high-end encryption and verification technology. As a result, it ensures the legitimate payment is securely transferred to the processor.

How payment gateways work

When a customer places a request from an online store, the payment gateway plays out a few steps to affirm the transaction:

  • Encryption: The internet browser will scramble the payment info to be sent among it and the seller's web server. At that point, the payment gateway will send the payment information to the payment processor, used by the merchant's acquiring bank.
  • Authorization Request: The processor will automatically transmit the payment information to the card processing bank. The card processing bank will authorize the request, and it might approve or delays the transaction.
  • Filling the order: The processor will notify the merchant and customer through the payment gateway. It is a lengthy and complicated process. However, it hardly takes a couple of moments as the extreme. At this point, the merchant is supposed to take care of the order.

Why your businesses need it?

A payment gateway supports merchants to lessen the frequency and severity of credit card fraud within the business. It allows merchants to process payment via various methods like a credit card, debit card, and other alternative online payments.

The payment gateway acts as a mediator to ensure that customer's payment information is encrypted and secure. There are some reasons for using a payment gateway.

If you have a website and an account, then payment gateway integration is effortless for you. However, it also needs little maintenance.

As most people prefer to make payments online, merchants will easily collect payout by a payment gateway. Also, people are familiar with this technology which makes it more convenient.

Having a payment gateway enhances your customer experience. They don't need to leave the website or trouble with pop up to new page. It allows them to make payments without leaving the website. Also, merchants can control and customize their checkout pages which you can count on as an advantage.

Why WebPays?

WebPays is a well-known payment processing service provider in the market. So your business nature hardly matters for us. We have the solution for all types of business, whether it is high-risk or low-risk or mid-risk business.

Likewise, we offer Forex Payment Gateway Cyprus to the merchants involved in the Forex industry in Cyprus. Additionally, we support them in getting approval for Forex Trading Merchant Account Cyprus region for their business.

WebPays offers 24*7 customer support with its payment gateway service that helps you to monitor the transactions. As a result, it reduces the occurrence of fraudulent transactions in the business. Plus, with our expertise, we help merchants to tackle chargebacks.

Benefits of WebPays

WebPays provides you with the best in the industry payment processing for Forex business. Some of the features are:

  • Low Processing Fee: Get the best in class payment processing solution with a nominal processing fee compared to other payment processors in the industry so that you can get more revenue over your Forex trading payments.
  • High Volume of Processing: We provide you the ability and flexibility for processing volume as per your business requirements. So that you can break the limitations and maximize your sales.
  • Processing With High Ticket: Accommodate your VIP traders in your trade business without any hassle. Our Forex Payment Gateway Cyprus region supports merchants n high ticket processing.
  • Multicurrency Processing: Get the fast and quick solution to receive and settle your international payment in various currencies. We offer multicurrency payment processing to merchants that facilitate them to accept and process payment in any currency in real-time.
  • Credit Card Processing With Forex Payment Gateway: We offer credit card processing to merchants with our payment gateway service. Now, you can accept and process payment via any of the card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.
  • Secure And Fraud Protection: We understand that security is the primary concern for complete payment processing. That's why our Forex Payment Gateway complies with PCI-DSS compliance. It ensures a safe and reliable card payment processing experience for your customers.
  • Shopping Cart Integration: Provide your customers an easy checkout process with our integration support solutions with several shopping carts and accounting software.

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