Forex Payment Gateway in Malta

Forex Payment Gateway in Malta

In the past few years, the industry has experienced remarkable growth in it's forex markets. This success is partly due to the business-friendly structure of Malta's tax and lower living costs in comparison with other European nations.

Malta is highly attractive, especially for forex brokers, because the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), its regulatory the body, lays down clear legal and regulatory guidelines concerning its currency market.

Brokers benefit from the regulatory flexibility of the MFSA, including higher leverage ratio flexibility. This flexibility in regulation enables such couriers to meet a wider range of risk profiles for customers.

Forex Is High - Risk Merchants are often perplexed by the concept of risk classification, causing them to contact the not right payment processors. So you're certainly aware of which sectors in the payments industry are considered high-risk.

True, there are some differences, as a result of Visa and MasterCard rules that differ from one another and from region to region.

Businesses dealing with pharma and nutraceuticals, tobacco products (even non-tobacco e-cigarettes), adult-oriented websites, gaming services, affiliate marketing, and outbound telemarketing, to name a few of a payment processor's favorites, are all considered high-risk.

Finding A Payment Processor

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why many processors would refuse to work with high-risk merchants, even if they are highly qualified, and this is not likely to change anytime soon. However, some processors specialize in the high-risk end of the merchant spectrum and are always on the lookout for new clients.

When assessing your application, they will be much more cautious and rely on your assistance much more than their far more numerous low-risk counterparts. Working with them, on the other hand, would eventually benefit you.

Payment Gateway Forex For Malta At Webpays

Webpays offers forex merchant account services that include the following benefits:

  • Secure transaction processing.
  • Reasonable pricing conditions.
  • Settlements in various currencies.
  • Payment processing for large amounts of money.
  • A payment gateway that is safe and secure.
  • Virtual terminal with multiple functions built-in.
  • Tools for preventing fraud.
  • Expert merchant assistance is available.
  • Weekly pay-outs are available.

  • If you're tired of paying exorbitant credit card processing fees, it's time to consider working with WebPays. We will approve your application within a few business days thanks to our large network of acquiring partners, so you can start saving money while providing first-class service.

    Payment Gateway that is Stable and Reliable

    Our forex merchant account packages include a secure high-risk payment gateway that's ideal for web-based credit card processing. It protects your customers' credit card information with SSL encryption and processes payments in real-time. This means you'll still know whether a transaction has been accepted or denied right away.

    How to apply with Forex Payment Gateway with WebPays at Malta?

    We'll start working on your application as soon as we receive all of the required documents. As you are probably aware, a forex merchant account is considered "high-risk," so we can't get it all set up right away, but it normally takes one or two weeks. We'll need the following documents to start the application process:

    Application for a merchant account. We ask that you complete the form to the best of your ability and provide as much information as possible, then sign an initial field in the appropriate fields and email the form to us, along with the documents mentioned below.

    • Articles of Incorporation or another document of a similar nature.
    • A photocopy of the owner's passport or another form of valid national identification. A photocopy of your company's license.
    • voided the check for the bank account where your funds will be deposited. If you don't have one, a bank letter will suffice; just make sure it's signed by a bank official.
    • The most recent three business bank statements (in addition to the voided check/bank letter).
    • A utility bill with your address on it that is no more than 30 days old from the date the application was signed.

    We will almost certainly require additional documentation later in the application process, and we will almost certainly ask you to explain something. That is standard procedure, so be ready to respond quickly to our requests for information and assist us in moving through the process as soon as possible. We want to get your forex merchant account up and running as soon as possible, and with your assistance, we'll be able to do so!

    How Does WebPays Benefit You?

    WebPays offers some of the most dependable payment gateways for forex in the industry, whether you are just starting in business or have been trading online for years. We've been serving high-risk companies for nearly a decade and know your requirements better than any other payment processor.

    We can only be as successful as you, which is why we want to assist you in expanding your company. To that end, we've assembled a team of highly skilled high-risk credit card processing experts who will quickly and professionally address any issues you may have. At WebPays, you will still receive assistance from an expert.

    For forex traders, we've created a robust, dependable credit card processing service with low rates and simple setup. As soon as possible, you will begin accepting payments on your website.

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