E-Cigarettes Merchant Account

eCigarettes Merchant Account

Secures your electronic vape business globally

Smoking is injurious to health but with the dynamic 21st scenario, there arise electronic cigarettes that meet your satisfaction level without any hassle. E-Cigarettes are referred to as high-risk in the online merchant account industry. Since there occur risk determinants, it becomes quite difficult to get the right solution. The E-Cigarettes industry has expanded to a billion-dollar industry. So, the best way to expand your business is through online presence. There are solution providers in the market who guide you for the best assistance with a solution. If you wish to run your business extensively well then you must get an E-Cigarettes Merchant Account.

Have your Credit Card Processor shut down your E-Cigarettes Merchant Account?

If you are running a smoke shop held in association with the E-Cigarettes Merchant Account then the banks consider you as a high-risk business. This is due to the funding business in the E-Cigarettes business with reputational risk.

Hence forth, the bank closes your merchant account & holds all your funds without providing any notice. This is really pathetic that you paid & got your account shut down. Meanwhile, you don't have any convenient mode of selling all your products online.

E-Cigarettes Industry is considered a high-risk industry

The risk factors make it difficult to get an E-Cigarettes account so as to run your business on a huge scale. If you are secured with the assurance then it helps to build up your business at a huge level. So, you must be careful to safeguard your business at the right platform that offers the best payment gateway solution.

Benefits held with E-Cigarettes Merchant Account

  • The merchant account helps to secure your E-Cigarettes business
  • It provides time-consuming measures of travel as well as transport
  • It assures your better health along with safety
  • This account provides safeguard your E-Cigarettes business

List of documentation that the merchant service provider requires:

Since the E-Cigarettes business is associated with high-risk, you need to provide the documentation for getting the approval of your high-risk business: So, here is the available list that you need to cater for moving ahead:

  • Business banking statement
  • National ID
  • Domain ownership Proof
  • Processing history
  • Utility bill
  • Void check
  • Company incorporation documents

So, the above list is necessary to get the merchant account approval for running your business at a huge scale.

How can you use an E-Cigarettes Merchant Account?

  • If you are selling E-Cigarettes or vaping products online, then you need to accept credit & debit cards prefer webpays.com
  • Customers can easily purchase the items online, & the funds will get into the E-Cigarettes account
  • These funds can easily get withdrawn into your bank account

Best Solutions for High-Risk Industries

If you are searching for accepting the credit or debit card payments for your E-Cigarette/vaping business, you need to fill the application form & the executive will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours of duration. The best E-Cigarettes Merchant Account helps to improve the customer shopping experience & help to grow your business generating sales!!

E-Cigarettes Merchant Account secures your high-risk business

Get in touch with Rules & Regulations while operating E-Cigarettes Merchant Account

The E-Cigarettes industry is a high-risk industry; this is just because of the association with a few similar goods and services. Basically, all the E-Cigarettes Accounts are the latest regulations.

Detail Description regarding E-Cigarettes & Vape

An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated device that emits out doses of vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine solutions, for the users to inhale. It is common to use e-cigarettes as vaping. The reason behind the invention of E-Cigarettes is to give the smokers a healthier alternative to the tar & carcinogen laden habit of smoking cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Merchant Account holds safety & security

The merchant account is one of the online bank accounts that permit your business for accepting the payments by debit or credit cards. If there is a retailer, a merchant & a payment processor then they make the settlement of credit card/debit card transactions through an agreement that is finalized by them for a merchant account. The credit card is one of the most common ways of paying in the E-Cigarette industry.

Prefer WebPays to get the best E-Cigarettes Merchant Account

If you are looking forward to getting the best E-Cigarettes Merchant Account then shake hands with WebPays the organization aims to help you with best of the services. The company provides assurance in regards to facilitating the merchants with the best gateway solution. Along with this, for more details & to grasp the information just feel free to ping a text at info@webpays.com.

So, within the right time of 24-48 hours, an expert will get in touch with you. You need not worry regarding anything. Just be relaxed while you are in touch with the right solution provider.

So, what are you looking for now? When you are at the right platform. If you wish to secure your business then build up business relations with us. The company provides an active support system for all merchants worldwide. While helping you with smooth as well as flexible transactions, the merchants are glad to run their business at a huge scale with WebPays.