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Gambling Payment Gateway For Activating Extra Security To Your Payment Processing System

As time passes, the industry of online gambling is increasing quickly. As per the analysts, in the coming five years, the complete income of online casinos will extend by 80%.

Your online casino depends laboriously on its payment gateway. Without the ideal link between you and the players' funds, your online casino would fall. The prevalence of online casino shoppers depends on credit cards, e-wallets, and other online funds to play at your casino.

If your business functions as an online casino, gambling, forex trading, or any high-risk business. WebPays can deliver an ideal gambling payment gateway in Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, etc.) and merchant account solutions. However, straightly associated with our banking partners for a quick settlement of funds to your bank account.

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What is a gambling payment gateway?

A gambling payment processing solution refers to a mechanism that allows gambling merchants to accept online payment via credit or debit cards, eWallets, net banking, and many more. As we all know, the gambling industry comes under high-risk sector due to its high volume payment processing nature, global reach, and excessive chargeback issue in the specific sector.

Best payment gateway providers for your high-risk business. In 2020, the total significance of digital transactions may acquire $4.406 billion. More and more people select shopping online, which implies that making the procedure quick and trustworthy is one of the primary tasks for any eCommerce business.

Many people encounter excitement. Gambling enables an individual to acquire such explicit feelings. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to succeed a very substantial part of funds by playing online games. That is why this sort of business is very tempting to business owners.

Yet, most of them, when beginning a new experience, face with deficiency of understanding when it arrives to executing payment possibilities.

Traps To Ignore When Opting For Gambling Payment Gateway

Let's calculate how to evade some traps when selecting a gambling payment provider:

1. Aspiring a payment service provider with the most inferior fees.

Every merchant attempts to get a better payment solution at a more inferior cost. If you are exploring a gambling payment processor with the lowest conceivable costs, you should know that not all of them are trustworthy. A substantial portion of businesses will not conceal all your requirements.

Let's determine how payment organizations specify credit cards costs and what players are implicated:

Transaction costs. General and the most well-known sort of payment is assessed per transaction. It takes place when a PSP assesses a substantial amount for every payment. It comprises a conversion rate, a markup of the Payment Service Provider, and an estimate(a unique fee that relies on the sort of a client's card). The inspection fee for Visa cards is around 0.11%.

Occasional costs. This cost is not standard and is only assessed on various experiences such as chargebacks, fraudulent activities, failed transactions, and others. To evade these unwanted barriers, you may refer to a Payment Service Provider that delivers fraud and chargeback prevention software. However, they have conflict management to crack chargeback issues to the benefit of a client.

Flat fees. For preferring the services of a Payment Service Provider or a payment gateway, you may pay extra money.

Don't pursue inferior payment solutions. They can ruin your business.

2. Take responsibility for assuring transaction details

When it arrives to payment data security, every merchant should regard a Payment Service Provider with a PCI DSS 1st level certification. Its importance of it cannot be settled. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council certificate delivers not only a chance to satisfy the recent transaction data security requirements but also to improve the function of the whole infrastructure.

On the one side, the infrastructure is evolving more protected, and on the other, it enhances the attitude of buyers to the payment services delivered. Moreover, the business also decreases its losses from hacker attacks.

Of course, merchants have the chance to pass the certification and verify the trustworthiness of the payment system by themselves. But assuring the grade level of security and making ready for an audit is a brutal procedure. In this case, it is good to select a payment service provider with the relevant certificate.

3. Delivering fewer payment modes.

Each business owner is subject to develop their business and offers a broader choice of payment solutions to their buyers.

Some customers do not like to opt for their credit cards for security causes. If you cannot deliver alternative payment methods, you will renounce a considerable number of possible buyers.

Casino direction. By delivering alternative payment services for the gambling industry, you get the allowance to arrive at larger markets and widen your specific horizons.

If you're not delivering such modes of payments as mobile payments, contactless payments, e-wallets, and many others, fewer conceivable buyers would regard entrusting your business.

4. Make the integration procedure easy

The simpler the Payment Service Provider can integrate the payment page into the online gaming interface, the more satisfying it is to use it. That is why reaching a payment service provider that can describe the major factors of every payment system for gambling and select the best integration method is crucial.

Types Of Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Service Providers deliver various sorts of payment gateway integration on your website.

1. Application Programming Interface

The Application Programming Interface is a mixture of various tools and functions executed as an interface for making new applications, through which one program will associate with another. The primary purpose of expanding the API was to allow programmers to extremely simplify tasks when expanding several applications with the help of ready-made codings. 

2. Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal refers to a software application that enables you to receive online payment by credit card, preferring a protected connection via the Internet.

There is no requirement for further software installation. Preferring the Virtual Terminal, you can conduct functions with cards without the existence of a customer, and without delivering a card. Also, choosing this procedure, the system of recurring transactions is executed.

3. CMS plugins.

A plugin is a software element whose goal is to extend the basic abilities of another program.

These features are mini-agendas, which, yet, cannot function individually. You can only integrate them into substantial programs.

Today, plugins are a leading product that enables you to fulfill all the requirements of merchants because of their variety and abundance.

4. Hosted Payment Platform.

A hosted payment platform is a specific sort of payment platform that is not situated on the website of the merchant. It enables performing payments at the time of the checkout procedure.

When a customer presses a 'Buy' button, a buyer is re-directed to this protected payment page to deliver specific payment details. Similarly, a merchant can personalize it on their own.

5. Local payment gateway providers.

Consider whether a gambling payment gateway provider can deliver your business global coverage. Is multicurrency payment processing augmented with diligent currency conversion? Does your high-risk payment gateway provider deliver payment services in the countries where you execute your gambling business? For your online business to be reachable to buyers across the globe. However, you require to get a broad range of payment methods. Select payment providers who can deliver the most prevalent payment systems in a vast range of regions.


Online gambling payment services platforms are regarded as a beneficial business that allows merchants to gain a substantial profit. Functioning in an online casino is becoming more comfortable. So it has become effortless to get your own online gambling or casino business. Yet, there is still much information that requires for further procedure.

The business is producing vast incomes for the merchants that are having this sort of business. Since the business implicates so many funds, therefore, it needs a merchant account that can ensure the business of maintaining smooth and adjustable payment processing solutions. We at WebPays deliver you a gambling payment gateway in Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, etc.) and also Casino Merchant Account that will enable you to increase your profit and at a similar time will enable you to boost your business global coverage.