Gambling Payment Gateway New Zealand


A deficiency of prohibitions has made New Zealand an effortless target for online gambling providers, with evaluated revenue expanding from $139.3m in 2014 to $332.6m in 2020

New Zealand’s unrestricted online gambling market is predicted to strike $600 million by 2025 if the Government doesn’t move into the prevention of “aggressive targeting” from global providers. However, running an online gambling business in New Zealand is impossible without a gambling payment gateway New Zealand. The online gambling industry is worth an evaluated $350 million in 2022 and is predicted to reach above $600 million in 2025 if things are similarly going on.

In this blog, let us know what does an online gambling payment gateway New Zealand mean and who provides the suitable payment processing platform?

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What do you understand by an online gambling payment gateway New Zealand?

The establishment of an online gambling payment gateway New Zealand allows the gambling business to take online payments. And process them securely and instantly with the existence of different acquiring banks and specific credit card networks.

A gambling merchant account serves as an intermediary between customers and merchants by transferring their payment information. Furthermore, it processes online transactions with the help of different security features provided by payment service providers. And then transmitted them to the merchant’s bank account.

An online gambling payment gateway platform also helps in protecting buyers’ confidential payment data. Because customers’ credit card payment information and other account data are protected to control the prohibited use of the customer’s payment details. So, getting a high-risk gambling payment gateway is essential to run your online business securely in New Zealand.

Features of a gambling payment gateway New Zealand

Fraud prevention features with Payment Processing Solution Expansion in your global client base
When customers require to purchase something online, payment details are not always secure. Because some scammers or fraudsters can steal customers’ payment details to process fraudulent transactions online. However, it leads to a loss of funds from your bank account. Hence, all the payment details must be properly inspected and protected before approving the transaction. A gambling payment gateway also allows customers around the world to access your online store. And it is ending in the immense growth of your business’s global client base.
Smooth Payment Gateway Integration with various readymade plugins Fast payouts
Most frequently, gambling payment solutions comprise a payment gateway system to incorporate into an online gambling website with various CMS plugins. This also enables customers to select products or access services in a single click. And send them to their preferred shopping carts, and conduct the purchase at the checkout platform quickly.  An online gambling payment gateway solution is significant if it offers a fast and more efficient online payment processing procedure. Furthermore, online gamblers can pay for any in-game service or product in a very less duration.
24*7 accessibility for online gamblers Multi-currency Payments
The gambling payment gateway provides online gamblers with 24*7 accessibility to your gaming products & services and conducting transactions for them. Furthermore, purchases can be executed at any moment of the day and from around the globe. New Zealand allures an extensive number of online gamblers around the globe. But online gamers from different nations need to pay in their native currency. So, delivering the feature of multi-currency payments plays a significant role.

Why prefer WebPays?

WebPays delivers a secure and reliable gambling payment gateway New Zealand at very affordable rates. Nowadays, every online merchant needs to operate their gambling business globally. And to run your gambling business thrivingly across the world, then it is essential that your online business accepts online payments from across the globe. WebPays also delivers a high-quality gambling merchant account solution with a complete suite of payment gateway services and advanced security features.

Our poker merchant account platform will assist you in accepting online payments from various countries in different currencies. It also permits you to pay your customers through different types of online payment methods such as credit card processing services, bank transfers, eWallets, etc.

WebPays allows online merchants to accept online payments from numerous countries and various payment methods around the globe in inexpensive price range services.

So, if you are an online gambling merchant looking for a secure and outstanding way to receive transactions online across the world. Then WebPays is one of the leading payment service providers. For further information, you can connect with us by submitting an application form on our website.