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Gambling Payment Gateway South Africa is most significant to drive your online gambling business effortlessly. Let's understand deeply why it is essentially required and how can you get one.

Based on the end-user, gambling fans lead the South African gambling industry with the largest revenue share of 73.9%. And it will also display an increased development ratio of 8%. This is due to gambling fans being more biased toward gambling than hobbyists and other end users.

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South Africa owns the leading part of the Africa Gambling Market

South Africa is handling supremacy in the African gambling industry, recording around 80% in 2021. The South Africa gambling industry was recorded at US$ 2,420.08 million in 2021 and is predicted to expand to US$ 4,504.82 million by 2030 due to the high involvement of end-users. Furthermore, South Africa and Kenya are the top nations to establish 5G internet services in the country. And they are forcing a large scope for online gambling in the forthcoming years.

The market size of the online gambling industry in South Africa

South Africa's gambling industry size was US$ 3,048.05 million in 2021. Africa's gambling industry is predicting to reach US$ 5,637.37 million by 2030 by putting a complete annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.99% during the prediction period, i.e., 2022-2030. The enormous favor of gambling websites in Africa and the consistently increasing assumption of smart devices and online gambling will further include alluring opportunities for industry growth. Around 60 million population in Nigeria, between the age of 18 and 40, have an interest in some type of sports betting.

Why do online gambling merchants require a gambling payment gateway?

WebPays is a top payment gateway provider for online gambling businesses in South Africa. And which allows online gamers to smoothly receive safe and immediate online transactions from across the globe. Whether merchants prefer an existent shopping cart plugin system or have a custom-built website. We deliver complete casino payment gateway integration flexibility. Furthermore, WebPays is a complete payment solution for online gambling businesses of any size.

What you will get with a payment processing platform from WebPays?

Starting to accept online payments with our payment processing is effortless, as all the procedure needs is an ascertained casino merchant account that must integrate with the merchant's gambling website. Our dedicated customer support team delivers support for merchants and their customers. Whereas, the company's risk inspection team is responsible for keeping both merchants and customers safe and secure.

By providing gambling merchants with gambling merchant accounts to accept payments online. We also enable merchants to deliver multiple payment methods and multi-currency features to their customers. WebPays has collaborated with some of the top leading eCommerce payment platforms, comprising WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, WHMCS, ZenCart, and many more. So gambling merchants can get an easy implementation of safe payment gateway software into their online website's checkout procedure.

WebPays has also been associated with some of the leading payment processing platforms worldwide. So that merchants can easily activate their online payment gateway platform and onboard quickly. We deliver a wide range of advanced security features and fraud & chargeback prevention tools in South Africa. And they have gathered extensive developer documentation to offer customized payment gateway integration.

Benefits of a gambling payment gateway solution for your gambling website

Why Prefer WebPays?

WebPays has a wide network with various acquiring banks assure that no matter what platform is used, merchants can process transactions immediately and securely online. With a customized payment platform, merchants can immediately accept online payments on their gambling website having their brand name on the payment platform. The WebPays developer documentation comprises everything merchants or their payment requirements need to know how to get an integrated gambling payment gateway South Africa. Merchants can also handle everything about their payment processing account via the dashboard regarding their account balance and transaction details, generating real-time reports, requesting payments, and much more.

Finally, gambling merchants can boost their businesses and increase revenue by providing their customers with the chance to pay with their preferred payment method. Because we support various payment methods and expand your gambling business globally. If you want to ask anything about the payment gateway platform or a quote for the same. You can connect with us now by simply filling out an application form.