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The online gambling industry in the United States is mainly comprised of poker, casino games, and sports betting. In 2018, sports betting was legitimized in the US at the government level. However, every state has a command of its own rules and regulations. And every state reaches the legitimization of online gambling adversely. For these causes, it can be challenging to deliver a complete overview of online gambling for the nation as an entirety.

Around half of the states have legitimized or restricted online gambling in some way or another as of 2022. And many states are predicted to extend their approach to online gambling in the future. Almost 10% of US adults who bet on online and in-person casino games did so a minimum of once a week as of September 2021. That similar year, the size of the online gambling industry in the US arrived at 9.5 billion US dollars. An expansion on the previous year’s total revenue of 8.7 billion US dollars.

Expected Growth Of Online Gambling Industry in the United States

A current research executed by the imperative consulting and industry research company, BlueWeave Consulting, displayed that the United States Online Gambling Industry was worth USD 2.65 billion in the year 2021. The industry is predicted to boost at a CAGR of 16.4%, earning revenues of almost USD 7.61 billion by 2028. The United States Online Gambling Industry is growling because of the two primary drivers forcing the casino online gambling sector are the boost in customer interest in betting and the structure of online gambling. The evolution of the online casino gambling industry is advanced by the increasing preferences for mobile phones. Then the accessibility of online gambling platforms, and the expanded interest in the internet.

What do you understand by an online gambling payment gateway?

A gambling payment gateway refers to a mechanism that allows customers to pay online securely via their choice of payment method. If you want to drive your gambling business globally, a payment gateway platform plays a significant role in processing your transactions online. Basically, it acts as an intermediary between merchants and customers and transmits the customer’s payment details to the merchant’s platform. Then after verifying the payment details, payment will proceed with the help of acquiring bank and credit card networks.

How WebPays Can help you face all the payment processing complications?

Online casinos and gambling businesses deliver numerous complications for gambling business merchants. Furthermore, age and state-based rules and regulations, merchant service providers also have prohibitions to consider before deciding to operate with one of these industries. The online payment platform, basically with online gambling. Furthermore, it always has the chance for an increased ratio of chargebacks for the particular business and its credit card payment processing service. Because of all these concerns, it can be challenging for online casinos to get an authentic gambling payment gateway United States to offer a secure payment processing platform. Most banks and payment service providers regard online gambling businesses as “high risk” for numerous reasons. So, many payment processors may not like to deal with high-risk businesses because they want to stay away from high-risk consequences.

WebPays is always available to support you if you are facing difficulties in selecting a credit card processing service for your gambling website. Or if you have declared that your online gambling business is too high risk. We also understand the structure of online gambling businesses and we will deliver a complete customized payment gateway platform for your gambling business to meet your website’s payment requirements. And also let your customers experience fast and smooth payment processing. That can also lead to global expansion and an increased client base.

How Gambling Payment Gateways Are Beneficial For Online Gambling Businesses?

If you want to accept credit and debit card payments online at your gambling website, these sorts of businesses need a gambling payment gateway United States. A gambling payment gateway is a mechanism that allows the transmission of funds from the credit/debit card issuing banks to the business bank account of the gambling merchant. Moreover, there are some additional benefits of payment gateway platforms. Let us understand them below:

  • Increased business revenue

Gambling payment platforms allow customers to pay at your website around the globe. And that can also lead to increased business revenue.

  • Advanced Security Features

You will get multiple advanced security features with our payment processing platforms to process all the payments securely and protect your customer’s confidential details.

  • Zero currency exchange risk

There is no currency exchange risk because you do not require to worry about currency conversion. Your payment service provider company will take care of all that.

  • Opportunity to enhance international customer base

By allowing the international customers to pay in their desired currency. So, it is effortless to enhance website traffic.

  • 24*7 customer support

If you face any payment-related issue, our dedicated customer support team will always assist you in fixing all the payment processing issues instantly.

Additional Benefits Of A Gambling Payment Processing Platform

  • Affordable pricing structure.
  • Instant approvals for payment platforms within 24-48 hours.
  • High-ticket payment processing services such as multiple MIDS and load-balancing payment gateway solutions.
  • Chargeback prevention tools along with fraud prevention features.
  • Global support for online gambling merchants.
  • Complete anti-fraud techniques.
  • Numerous payment methods.
  • Real-time reporting tools that can deliver a detailed summary of all types of online transactions, either approved or declined.
  • Tokenization to ensure.the front-end terms with the data in the back-end systems.

Why Choose WebPays?

Online casino and gambling merchants need a credit card processing platform that manages their best appeal in senses from the get-go systems. You can set up a gambling merchant account effortlessly with WebPays. So that you can divert back to what is most important – your gambling business. Our pricing structure is formed to deliver you the flexibility you need to function your gambling business. Whereas, ensuring that you can spend the most adequate possible ratio and get funds in your account when you will need them.

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