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Due to this rapidly increasing digital world, it's challenging to find a high-risk merchant account for your high-risk business. But now no need to worry. Many payment processors know the high-risk business very well. Working with these types of payment processes will not only secure your money but also help you to improve your reputation.

As your business grows, the risk of fraud becomes higher. So, make sure that your payment processing system has all the high technology security solutions. This high-technology security solutions keep your business away from cyber criminals. So, it's important for you if you are operating a high-risk business.

Here in this blog, we will discuss more high-risk merchant accounts.

Who is considered a high-risk merchant?

Some online businesses and industries are evaluated by a high-risk payment gateway or bank because of the high risk of chargeback volume, returns, fraudulent transactions, or payment processing history. This type of business comes under the high-risk business and the merchant of the business know as a high-risk merchant.

The high-risk merchant has to pay higher fees for service and also be subject to a rolling reserve.


Everything will go through an underwriting procedure if a businessman attempts to acquire a high-risk merchant account.

Which are the high-risk businesses?

Many industries are considered high-risk businesses. Some of them are:

  1. Casinos and online gaming
  2. Adult entertainment and dating services
  3. Financial counseling
  4. Recurring billing/subscriptions
  5. Calling cards and VoIP providers
  6. Pharmaceuticals and online drug providers.
  7. Tobacco/E-cigarettes products
  8. Telemarketing sales
  9. Subscription services
  10. Cryptocurrency

Characteristics of High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions

A high-risk business usually has a higher risk. Its risk is calculated differently as compared to the traditional merchant which is very complex. So, whenever you are looking for a high-risk payment processing service make sure that it has an advanced level of fraud management tools and also a dedicated team of payment service providers that monitors every transaction.

You must have to select the High-Risk merchant account solution which has a set of tools that allow you to monitor your transactions at any time of the day, week, or month. A high-risk merchant needs to have a safe side.

You also know that high-risk businesses have high chances of chargebacks as compared to any other. It also depends on the business type or the payment processing requirements the merchant use. So, it's necessary to have a fraud-proof solution.

Charges of high-risk merchant account services

Many years ago, there were high fees for high-risk businesses. But now this concept is massively changed. You might be surprised to know that a 15% commission rate or in some cases even higher fees will be charged just for a setup. They also include the monthly fees and annual fees which are too high.

But now in a hassle-free manner, you can get the best solutions at a reasonable cost. It's better to go with direct high-risk merchant accounts. It provides your business flexibility as well as gives you control over your transactions. Its cost is very low.

One of the best direct high-risk payment gateway providers is WebPays. It provides a high-risk solution to your high-risk business. And it also offers credit card processing and eChecks solutions. It is tech savvy so you can go with this without any worry.

Looking for the high-risk payment processors

If you are running a high-risk business and want a high-risk payment process then you have to consider the following point while choosing the best one.

  • Business mode – Make sure that the preferred payment processing solution is compatible with your business model.
  • Security – As you know that high-risk businesses have a higher risk of chargeback and fraud, so look for the one who provides enhance security measures like chargeback preventions, multifactor authentication, etc. Make sure that, it has anti-fraud tools, AI-based fraud checks, real-time notifications, and many more.
  • Expertise – Before making any of the decisions, just gain some knowledge about the company such as how much experience the company has and how long the company has been in the market. Also, try to know the pros and cons of some primary industries.
  • Customs payment options – As you are running a high-risk business, your payment service providers must be able to fulfill different payment procedures to meet all your business requirements. Also discuss the rate, conditions, and features with your providers.
  • No hidden fees – You can easily check the pricing structure on your payment processor’s website. Be aware of all the fees and make sure that there are no hidden or extra fees. In case, if you do not get satisfying information from the website or your payment provider, you can move to the next options.
  • Tech savvy – Your high-risk provider ought to be tech-savvy. Make sure that it provides you with full control over the setup and payment process. It will be both fast onboarding as well as user-friendly.
  • Responsive support – Make sure that it provides excellent customer support. Just think like a user.

Can You Get A High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval?

While some businesses deliver expedited consideration procedures, you can’t really obtain “instant approval” for a high-risk merchant account. In spite of those "high-risk merchant account instant approval with no credit check" ads that you will sometimes see, it always carries longer to get final authorization for a high-risk merchant account Europe (U.K, Netherlands, Russia, Malta, Belarus, etc) than it accomplishes for a low-risk business.

The Reality About High-Risk Merchant Accounts & Instant Approvals

While standard low-risk businesses can get approval within a day or two. High-risk merchant accounts need a minimum of three to five business days to get approval. The entire procedure can take about three to five weeks.

Why so lengthy? Authorizing a high-risk business needs more comprehensive research into the credit history of both the business and the merchant, as well as the type of the industry. If you are finding issues while making a payment and there is no one to help you from another side, how did you feel? So, just take care of your customer's emotions and feeling too.


3 Caution Alerts For High-Risk Instant Approval Merchant Accounts

So what splits a high-risk merchant account provider with an overeager promotion movement from a preying service? Here are some caution indications:

  1. Look Out For Long-Term Agreements. Payment providers delivering “same-day merchant account approval” sometimes take bypass the procedure so that they can get you on the pin for that long-term contract and usually a big early termination fee (ETF) also.
  2. Permitting You To Initiate Processing Before You’re Fully Authorized. If the payment processor authorizes you prematurely and you begin payment processing before the back-end processor or bank has authorized you, you take on risk. Your account may be motionless or even locked completely, which can get you put on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF, also called the MATCH List), possibly controlling you from fetching authorized for any merchant account for up to five complete years.
  3. Confidential Fees. The type of instant approval merchant account that promotes high-risk businesses is also possible to facilitate “no setup fees.” However, merchant account providers have other modes to get funds out of you. While there may be no actual “setup fee,” you’ll presumably be assessing other fees to create up the dissimilarity.

Wrapping Up

Today, many businesses label as “high-risk” running successfully. Somewhere, its credit goes to the high-risk merchant account Europe (U.K, Netherlands, Russia, Malta, Belarus, etc) provider. If you also want to run your high-risk business successfully without any headaches, you ought to select the merchant account through a reliable payment platform just like WebPays.