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For decades, the market popularity of online gambling is increasing speedily. According to research, in the coming five years, the total earnings of online casinos will grow by 80%.

Most people face the excitement. The gambling industry enables a person to get such striking emotions. Furthermore, there is a possibility to avail a very substantial amount of funds by enjoying online games. That is why this sort of business is very tempting for merchants.

Yet, most of them, when beginning a new experience, meet with a deficiency of knowledge when it arrives to executing payment possibilities.

Let's know how to evade some traps when selecting an online casino payment gateway.

1. Aspiring an online casino payment gateway provider with the lowest fees.

Every merchant attempts to get an adequate payment service at a lower cost. If you are searching for an online casino payment gateway with lower possible costs, you should know that not all of them are trustworthy. A substantial portion of businesses will not protect all your requirements.

Let's describe how payment organizations specify credit cards fees and what members are comprised:

  • Transaction fees. Common and the most well-known kind of charges are charged per transaction. It happens when a PSP assesses a factual part of every transaction. It comprises a modification ratio, a markup of the Payment service provider, and an assessment (a unique fee that relies on the kind of a customer's credit card). The assessment fee for Visa cards is around 0.11%.
  • Occasional fees. This fee is not standard and is only assessed in various circumstances such as chargebacks, fraudulent actions, failed payments, and others. To evade these unwanted barriers, you may opt for a payment gateway provider that delivers fraud and chargeback prevention technology. Others have controversial management to decode chargeback issues to the benefit of a customer.
  • Flat fees. For preferring the payment services of a PSP or a payment gateway, you may have to pay extra funds.

Don't pursue cheap payment services. They can ruin your gambling business.

2. Take responsibility for protecting transactions details

When it reaches transaction details protection, every business merchant should prefer a PSP that is PCI DSS compliant. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council certificate delivers not only an option to fulfill the recent transaction data security requirements but also to improve the function of the complete infrastructure.

On the one side, the platform is evolving safer, and on the other side, it enhances the perspective of customers on the services delivered. The business also decreases its failures from hacker raids.

Also, merchants have the option to verify the certification and ascertain the trustworthiness of the method by themselves. But assuring the appropriate level of security and qualifying for an inspection is a brutal procedure. In this issue, it is good to select an online casino merchant account with the relevant certification.

3. Delivering fewer payment modes.

Every business owner manages to expand their gambling business and delivers a large variety of payment solutions to its customers.

Some customers do not like to pay using their credit cards for safety concerns. If you cannot offer alternative payment methods, you will renounce an influential number of possible customers.

By delivering alternative payment methods for gambling businesses, you acquire the capability to acquire larger viewers and widen your areas.

If you're not delivering such methods of payments as mobile payments, contactless payments, eWallets, and many others, some potential customers would prefer to trust your online business.

4. Make the integration procedure easy

The simpler the PSP can integrate the payment platform into the gaming interface, the more satisfying it is to use it. That is why preferring a payment gateway provider that can describe the specialty of every payment system for gambling and select the best integration method is crucial.

PSPs deliver various kinds of online casino payment gateway integration on your gambling website.

  • API.

The Application Programming Interface is a set of various features and functions executed as an interface for building new applications, through which one program will link with another. The main goal of building the API was to allow programmers to immensely simplify tasks when creating various applications with the use of readymade codings.

  • Virtual Terminal.

A virtual terminal is a software application that enables you to take online payments by credit card, by having a safe link via the Internet.

There is no requirement for further software installation. Preferring the Virtual Terminal, you can conduct functions with credit cards without the existence of a customer, and without having a credit card. Also, having this function, the feature of recurring payments is integrated.

  • CMS plugins.

A CMS plugin is a software part whose objective is to extend the necessary abilities of another agenda.

These features are mini-programs, which, however, cannot work individually. You can only integrate them into definite programs.

Today, plugins are a top-rated product that enables you to fulfill all the requirements of customers because of their variety and amount.

  • Hosted Payment Page.

A hosted payment page is a specific kind of payment page that is not discovered on a website of a business merchant. It enables completing payments at the point of the checkout process.

When a customer presses the Buy button. Then a buyer is re-directed to this protected payment page to provide specific payment details. Again, a merchant can personalize it on their own.

5. Local payment providers.

Think about if an online gaming payment gateway can deliver your business global coverage. Is multicurrency processing augmented with diligent currency conversion? Does your payment provider deliver payment services in the countries where you execute your business? For your business to be available to customers across the globe, you require to have a broad range of payment choices. Prefer payment providers who can deliver the most prevalent payment systems in a broad range of areas.


Online gambling businesses regard as thriving business that enables merchants to acquire a substantial profit. Getting an online casino payment gateway is becoming easier, so it has become comfortable to run your own online gambling business. Yet, there are still many segments that require to be worked out. So, contact WebPays and get complete information regarding payment solutions and then acquire the best one.