Top 6 Payment Gateway Provider In UK 2021

Top Payment Gateway in UK

Fortunately, setting up an online business is simple - All you need is an ecommerce website builder and a reliable payment gateway provider. If you are a UK based merchant or planning to set up your online business in the country - then, you must continue reading this blog.

You'll need a payment gateway if you want to accept credit card payments online. You can accept payments through your website with the aid of a payment gateway. It extends the business's buying outlets, increasing the likelihood of further sales.

Online payment gateways not only allow customers to pay securely via your website, but they also provide a seamless and consistent user experience. Customers should feel comfortable knowing that their payment information is being inputted into a secure portal.

With so many payment gateway providers to choose from, it's important to familiarise yourself with the market in order to find the right fit for your business.

Here we are going to discuss some top payment gateway providers in the UK! For complete information of the best payment gateway solutions for your businesses in the UK , including pros and cons, rates, and main features, to help you choose the one that's right for you.

1. WorldPay

Worldpay is the most widely used payment processing business in the United Kingdom. It actually handles about half of all payments in the UK, and it offers some of the most flexible plans for small businesses. Dealing with Worldpay, on the other hand, is similar to dealing with any big provider. Customer service can be hit or miss, particularly if you have a problem with your account... However, its payment gateway service is reliable.

Pros of Worldpay

  • Payments that are ultra-secure
  • Price ranges that are adaptable
  • All major credit cards are approved.
  • The ability to pay by connection saves time.

Worldpay drawbacks

  • Transaction fees that change over time
  • This isn't an all-in-one ecommerce solution
  • Hit and miss customer service

2. PayPal

You may recall PayPal from famous ecommerce sites like eBay, where it made checking out simpler than we ever expected. PayPal, on the other hand, is just as easy to use for companies as it is for consumers.

Its payment gateway, known as Payflow Gateway, is now used by over 220 million people around the world. Its online payment system is nice and budget-friendly for companies with aggressive revenue goals - but not so much for those with smaller ones, thanks to variable transaction fees.

Pros with PayPal Payflow

  • PayPal makes it easy to pay
  • Setup is simple
  • A dependable payment system

Cons of PayPal Payflow

  • For low sales, high fees are charged
  • The free version appears to be basic

3. Amazon Pay

Many of us - over 310 million to be exact - are familiar with how simple Amazon renders the entire checkout process. If you want to start your own marketplace, Amazon Pay is a great place to start.

It saves you and your customers time and effort by recycling the information you and your customers have already given in their Amazon accounts, enabling them to skip straight to the checkout point.

Advantages with Amazon Pay

  • A well-known brand
  • Checkouts are completed quickly
  • Customer information is checked
  • Site integration is excellent

Cons of Amazon Pay

  • For low sales, high fees are charged
  • Settlement periods range from three to five days
  • Doesn't consider PayPal as a payment method

4. Sage Pay

Sage Pay is a one-stop shop for retailer accounts and payment gateways. It's known for delivering high standards of protection while still charging small businesses and large companies reasonable transaction processing fees.

Its payment gateway is completely customisable, so you can build a checkout system that matches the look and feel of your website, and you can also use Sage for in-person transactions to hold all of your payment information in one location.

Pros of Sage Pay

  • Reputation for excellence
  • Checkouts that are easy
  • Fees that are clear and consistent
  • A well-known brand

Cons of Sage Pay

  • Any technical know-how is needed
  • Help calls are paid at a rate of 2p per minute

5. Cardstream

Cardstream is a completely customizable payment gateway that lets you create personalised payment gateway screens and receipts.

Cardstream, unlike Sage Pay, does not bind you to a long-term contract. Although larger payment gateway providers such as Worldpay struggle with customer support, Cardstream appears to be a standout.

Since it's not tied to an acquiring bank and the solution is white label, there's a lot more to do when it comes to getting it up and running. As a result, those seeking simplicity may want to opt for an all-in-one solution.

Advantages with Amazon Pay

  • Pros of Cardstream
  • Build a payment portal that is exclusive to you
  • Purchasing banks are not involved
  • It is completely free to set up
  • There is no transaction cap

Cons of Cardstream

  • Fees aren't explicitly mentioned
  • You're locked into a 12-month deal

6. WebPays

If you work in the e-commerce industry, you've probably heard the name WebPays. It is a reputable company that provides payment gateway services. With market transaction rates and fees that are fair.

The main benefit of using pays is its global scope - it covers over 200 market sectors in total, making it a viable option for global traders. What districts you need to sell to determines how important this is to you.


  • Transparent services
  • Lowest price
  • Latest payment options
  • Offers non 3Ds payment service


  • Do not allow to share payment link
  • Any customization on the payment page needs permission

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