Casino Payment Gateway Cyprus

Casino Payment Gateway Cyprus

Casino Payment Gateway Cyprus: We Offer The Best To Make You The Best

A payment gateway is the heart of any business dealing online. However, choices may vary and differ from each other. But, in the end, every business needs a payment gateway to receive their payouts online.

There are various criteria that a payment gateway should comply with for a smoother payment processing experience like -

Your payment options need to be well-suited to your business volume. Ensure that you have the fastest payment method to target the market and your valued customers. It will diminish the delay in the transaction and lead to more business for your casino business.

Get a payment gateway that can process the payment in multicurrency. It is pretty beneficial for a merchant while dealing in the global market. Multicurrency payment processing makes your business trustworthy for your international customers.

Many other services are also there what a business should have while dealing in the online market. Especially when we talk about the Casino industry, where real-time payment processing is the primary requirement, merchants in Cyprus should look for the Casino Payment Gateway Cyprus region for smooth payment processing in such a scenario.

Why are Online Casinos Considered High-Risk?

The highly regulated nature of the casino industry, which varies from one country to the next and even within regions inside the same country, is one of the significant issues for the payment processing service provider to consider it as a high-risk industry.

In addition, online casinos also tend to have tickets combined with high levels of chargeback. For these reasons, low-risk processing banks doubt to provide merchant account service to casino merchants. Several processors provide services to a high-risk business. In the case of cascade chargeback, the sponsor bank may be responsible. Unfortunately, this is a general scenario of online gambling, and many risks characterized by high tickets have been added.

These factors make getting payment processing services challenging from the financial institution and traditional banks for casino merchants. However, other service providers are available in the market, offering services to high-risk industries of all kinds.

WebPays is one of the leading high-risk payment processing service providers in the industry. It has a specialization in dealing with high-risk industries. This is known for the one-stop solution related to all your payment-related concerns.

Choose WebPays to get the best service in the industry

Being in the market for a long time, WebPays has gained its expertise in the market, serving high-risk industries. Our highly efficient expert team supports your business to take it at the immense growth.

We come with a comprehensive payment processing solution for the merchants involved in any industry. Nature of business and other obstacles hardly bother us in providing service to any of the industries. If you have a business then you will get a payment gateway solution.

Similar to the merchants into the casino business in Cyprus, we offer Casino Payment Gateway Cyprus to receive their business payouts. Plus, casino merchants also get Casino Merchant Account Cyprus to ease managing their financial transactions.

Benefits of our payment gateway

WebPays is a well-known payment processing service provider in the market. So your business nature hardly matters for us. We have the solution for all types of business, whether it is high-risk or low-risk or mid-risk business.

Likewise, we offer Forex Payment Gateway Cyprus to the merchants involved in the Forex industry in Cyprus. Additionally, we support them in getting approval for Forex Trading Merchant Account Cyprus region for their business.

WebPays offers 24*7 customer support with its payment gateway service that helps you to monitor the transactions. As a result, it reduces the occurrence of fraudulent transactions in the business. Plus, with our expertise, we help merchants to tackle chargebacks.

Benefits of WebPays

  • Easy integration with a cost-efficient rate
  • Multiple payment methods to give payment option to your customers
  • Real-time payment processing to allow your customer to place bet live
  • Coinage solution to offer payment option to your customer in their desired cash like the dollar, euro, pound, etc.
  • Multi-channel payment processing to ease the MOTO (Mail order and Telephone order) payment processing for your business
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance with SSL encryption to safeguard your card payment information from threat and attackers
  • Chargeback mitigation and fraud prevention tools to secure your business from unnecessary losses
  • Credit card processing facilitates your merchants to allow their customers to make payment via credit card and debit card using any card brand like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.
  • A dedicated team to assist you 24*7 that makes your payment processing experience flawless

  • The offshore payment processing solution

    The E-commerce industry is booming. People around the globe are visiting and buying products and services from online stores. Most prefer to pay online against their purchase. Here merchants require a payment gateway solution that can accept payment from all around the globe.

    WebPays offers casino merchants an offshore payment processing solution. Our international payment gateway integration with the merchant’s website allows their global customers to pay. They can receive and manage their payments hassle-free.

    Additionally, merchants can make as many sales as they want with WebPays. As our acquirer banks do not put the cap on the transaction volume. As a result, they can sell their products or services as much they want.

    We help merchants in earning massive revenue for their business with our services.


    Take a step ahead with a payment gateway service from WebPays. We have years of experience in serving payment processing services to casino and gaming businesses. We understand the necessity of having high-volume payment processing for the casino industry. So, we get the same for your business. You can make high-volume transactions without any delay with our payment gateway service.

    Apply now, and once we understand your business requirements, we will help you get Casino Payment Gateway in Cyprus region.

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