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The online and casino gaming industries are rapidly expanding. However, many of the companies are new and have little prior experience or credit history. A lack of credit or a low credit score increases the likelihood that a company will be unable to repay any debts owed to a merchant or bank account provider. The same is true for processors who take on greater financial risks.

Furthermore, online casinos are frequently the target of fraud. Customers who have changed their minds can object to a transaction. Their credit cards had not been stolen. They decided that they did not want to pay for the service.

Despite the fact that online casino has emerged as an important and profitable part of the gambling industry, banks consider it too risky. Gaming companies and casinos are prone to excessive chargebacks and refunds, as well as higher turnover. This increases the risk for which the processor will most likely be held liable when processing credit card transactions for the company.

The following factors influence a company's "risk"

  • Chargeback (credit card dispute) ratio data
  • Banking statements
  • Credit card processing history
  • Credit ratings
  • Bank account balances that are negative
  • Payments that are late or unpaid

The best way to prepare for the exam ahead of time is to have a good credit scores apply for the account, pay any outstanding debts, and deposit some funds at banks. The review will provide an opportunity to address any issues that appear to be questionable.

If you follow these steps, you will have a better chance of getting a casino account and a merchant account with fewer restrictions, such as higher processing volume limits or a reduction in fees.

What you need in a payment processor customized for your online casino business?

Payment processing in real time

One of the most basic measures is to identify high-risk accounts. Real-time processing is a method of detecting and reporting fraud. Real-time payment is processed immediately rather than waiting for approval and accepting payment at a later date. In addition, we provide electronic invoicing, recurring billing, and fraud prevention.

Customized Accounts and Management

Standard merchant accounts lack flexibility; to handle high volume transactions, you need a customized account. Your casino business will grow over time, and limited payment methods will no longer be viable. High-risk accounts should have "cash control and cash flow" management features.

Account with a High Risk in Multiple Currencies

Choose a payment service provider who accepts multiple currencies. When you expand your business on the internet, you have a lot of options. A merchant account in multiple currencies can be an excellent long-term investment. For example, if you are a UK-based merchant who receives payment in dollars, your account should serve as a bridge between the two currencies.

Possible areas where fraud could be avoided to protect your casino business

Predictive Analysis:

Data is widely used nowadays, and it can be used to detect fraud patterns and forecast future probabilities and trends. Although predictive analytics cannot reveal what type of fraud is about to occur, it can identify the possibility of fraud.

Expert Fraud Analysts:

Customer service and a team of fraud analysts can be a ticket to fraud reduction and prevention. Fraud analysts see behind the scenes and play an important role in a fraud detection solution.

Customer care and support:

Customer care and support play an important role because they have direct contact with the customer and can detect potential fraud causes.

Daily Transaction Monitoring and Bank Account Reconciliation:

You must be aware of your top spenders and their purchasing habits. Check your accounts and transactions for red flags such as inconsistent billing and shipping information, as well as your customers' physical location. Use tools to track customer IP addresses and alert you to any addresses from known fraudster hotspots.

What are the requirements for applying for Gambling payment gateway UK?

A company must complete the online application to obtain a casino or merchant account for online gaming. In addition to the application form and a functional, secure website, merchants must make the following items available to processors and underwriters.

  • An ID that is valid and issued by the government, such as a driver's licence
  • A banknote or a voided check that has been printed
  • Three months based on the most recent bank statements.
  • 3 months after the most recent processing statement If applicable
  • Chargeback ratios for SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number) should be less than 2%.

WebPays cannot guarantee approval, but it can guarantee a simple and straightforward application process. Merchant accounts will be approved within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Why choose WebPays for Best payment gateway for gambling?

Companies should use WebPays to obtain casinos and an online gaming merchant account in order to process credit card transactions efficiently and effectively. We specialize in providing the most secure merchant account for gaming on social networks and online casino accounts, and can offer customized processing options to all types and sizes of businesses.

You can begin the application process right now by applying online. Within 24 hours, merchants can be approved for a casino or merchant account for online gaming. We can set up chargeback management software and an online payment gateway once they have been approved. In addition, for online transactions, a fraud detection system is an option.

If your casino or gambling company can maintain an average chargeback of less than 3%, we can provide you with a merchant account that can be tailored to your high-ticket or high-volume needs.

So, start having fun and take advantage of our services right away. We can set up your merchant account in 72 hours.

Rates that are competitive

  • There are no Visa/MasterCard requirements.
  • There are numerous secure payment gateway options.

Acceptance of a casino and merchant account with an online gaming site within 24 hours.