Casino Payment Gateway Morocco


In Morocco, the total revenue in the online casino industry is forecasted to arrive at US$1.23 million in 2022. That implies total revenue is predicted to present an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 11.94% leading to a predicted industry volume of US$ 1.93 million by 2026.

Moreover, in-app purchase turnover in the casino industry is predicted to arrive at US$ 0.93 million in 2022. Whereas paid app turnover in Morocco of the casino industry is forecasted to become US$ 0.00 million in 2022. That leads to the amazing growth of the online casino industry in Morocco. In this blog, let us discuss the casino payment gateway Morocco properly.

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What is a casino payment gateway Morocco?

A casino payment gateway Morocco refers to a mechanism that helps in connecting online casino merchants with their online gamers. It is also enabling the merchants to see what their customers are doing on their online casino platforms. The importance of this type of mechanism is quite difficult to ignore as it offers a track between various aspects of the payment procedure.

Let’s discuss it in more detail. After a payment procedure is specified, the customer prefers the right payment method. Then fills out the payment form with the required details, and conducts the transaction. And after verification of all the data, a casino payment gateway Morocco completes the transaction. After that, the payment amount is transmitted to the merchant account and permits the online casino merchant to withdraw funds. The casino payment processing solution is necessary to perform the deposit and withdrawal procedure of funds by online casino players similarly.

Why Is It Challenging To Acquire A Payment Gateway For Online Casino Businesses?

Online casinos and other types of online gambling are facing complications in getting an online casino merchant account and casino payment gateway integration services in Morocco. Online casino platforms can also prefer payment gateway providers for getting casino payment solutions. However, some payment gateway providers also take benefit from this specific industry’s high-risk tendency. They can charge extra fees and hold customers’ funds for a long time. However, which can vary from a few days to numerous weeks before sending them to the merchant or casino platform. So, there is also another method that can make a win-win situation for online casino businesses with the best payment processing solutions.


You can opt for an expert payment service provider such as WebPays. Because they deliver the best-developed security features, anti-fraud measures, and robust AML (anti-money laundering) or KYC (know your customer) checks. So, payment solution providers like WebPays can deliver approved casino merchant account solutions to online casino businesses. And follow all the rules and regulations of the respective country.

Primary factors you need to consider when preferring the best casino payment gateway Morocco

We like to present some primary factors for you that you will need to consider when selecting an online casino payment gateway Morocco. And always keep this in mind when you are searching for the best casino payment solutions. Let’s read them below.

  • Rules and Restrictions

You will need to ensure that your online casino website is functioning with the proper license to accept online payments. It is also significant to analyze that your preferred payment processor serves businesses in all countries of your customer’s locations. And it is ready to take online payments around the globe.

  • Affordable and transparent payment processing prices

Online casino merchants do not want to pay higher prices and wait for a long time for their completion of online deposits and withdrawals of funds. Hence, you must select a payment service provider that delivers affordable prices for payment processing solutions. They do not have any type of hidden charges. And also the pricing structure of your payment gateway solution must be transparent.

  • Online Payment Methods

Online gamers like to pay at your online casino platforms by using their choice of online payment methods such as credit/debit cards, eWallets, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, BNPL, and many more. So, if you want to enable your global customers to pay with their preferred online payment method. It is necessary to have multiple online payment methods with your casino payment gateway solution to allow your customers to prefer one that fits them properly.

  • Security features for fraud prevention and chargeback control

When looking for an online casino payment service provider, analyze what security features your preferred payment processor is offering. Increasing frauds and excessive chargeback volume are the primary issues in the gambling industry. So you must select an online payment processor that delivers the most advanced security features to protect your online casino platform from fraudulent activities and control an increasing number of chargebacks.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

It is obvious when you are processing transactions online, you will face some payment-related issues. And if you do not have reliable customer support available at that time. Then you can face loss in your business and your customer’s faith will also reduce. So, prefer a payment processor that will always assist you in fixing any sort of payment issue instantly.

What Webpays Deliver With Casino Merchant Processing Service?

WebPays provides a casino payment gateway Morocco that is customizable as per the merchant’s business requirements. They accomplish this with the support of the association with various acquiring banks and casino payment processing services. WebPays has great expertise in serving casino businesses with the best suitable payment processing service. They are associated with multiple credit card networks and acquiring banks. You will get facilitated with multi-currency payment choices, various online payment methods, secure credit card processing, fraud prevention features with chargeback control tools, fast and smooth payment processing, easy payment gateway integration services, and 24*7 available customer & technical support. They completely understand the rules and regulations of the specific nation to avoid any restrictions or account-blocking issues. You will get a complete payment processing solution with all the required and essential features that can also expand your business globally.

Another primary advantage of preferring WebPays is that you will not face any kind of fraud or scam on your online casino platform. WebPays has an expert underwriting team that will analyze your application for casino payment processing solutions properly and examines your business structure as well. So, that they can deliver your online casino business with the best suitable option to offer your customers an effortless payment processing experience.


If you are going to start an online casino business or you are looking to change your current payment service provider. Then you must keep this short article in your mind and consider all the factors stated above when preferring an online casino payment gateway Morocco. If you have further queries regarding payment gateway solutions. So, you can ask anytime by just clicking on the contact us button. With payment gateway services, WebPays also delivers complete support to online casino merchants in fulfilling all their payment requirements. So, you can contact us now. And you can acquire all the essential benefits of our casino payment gateway services with a high-level secure platform for your customers.