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In 2022, the total revenue of the online casino industry is expected to reach US$50.28m in the Netherlands. Moreover, the revenue is predicted to display an annual development rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 10.90% leading to a recorded industry volume of US$76.05m by 2026.

However, in 2022, in-app purchase (IAP) income in the casino industry is predicted to arrive at US$36.07m. And paid app revenue in the casino industry is expected to arrive at US$0.13m.

Advertising income in the casino industry is predicted to arrive at US$14.07m in 2022.

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What do you mean by an online casino payment gateway Netherlands?

An online casino payment gateway Netherlands is a mechanism that enables your online business to take online payments across the world securely. It refers to a payment gateway platform that connects merchants with online customers and transmits payment details to process online transactions. If you want to run your online casino business globally, then you will need an online casino merchant account to process global transactions with top-notch security. And let your customers undergo a fast and smooth payment processing experience.

What are the major payment complications in the online casino industry?

There are certain payment difficulties in the online casino industry:

  • Fast and smooth customer user experience

Delivering a fast and smooth customer user experience on mobile and desktop is one of the major payment complications. So, the user interface should be visually attractive and comprise easy-to-understand features to deliver a smooth user experience to your online customers.

  • Instant Payouts

Customers more often expect instant payout, due to which not getting instant payments is another major complication. If there are any delays in the payment system. Then it may lead to customer discontentment and that can cause a stir. So, you may face a reduction in your business revenue.

  • More increased payment prices

When you are looking for online casino payment solutions, you may experience higher payment costs. In this era of higher banking costs, selecting a payment service provider can assist significantly in avoiding high payment costs. Banks are frequently increasing their prices and costs and this is one of the major payment complications for online casino merchants.

  • Complications in conducting online payments in specific governments

All the governments are not similar. Conducting global transactions for online casino merchants, payment service providers can discover it hard to deliver payment processing services in specific nations. For instance, Norway’s online casino industry regulations have instructed all local banks to stop the flow of funds from them which they refer to as “unapproved online casinos”. This brings Norway a very complicated jurisdiction. So numerous online casino payment processors are not ready to deliver payment services in the respective nation.

  • Modifying rules and regulations on the basis of country

Above the fact that specific governments can seem to be hard to deliver. However, another essential complication is the frequent modifying rules and regulations on a country level. It also makes challenging to maintain in various nations. There is an entire system of rules and regulations concerning online payment processing and the casino industry. However, which can lead to decreasing speed of the procedure of enhancing business growth and revenue.

  • Brands want to build customer loyalty

Customer faith and loyalty are a significant part of any business association. So, it is right to say that an adequate business association is essential for perfect business functions. A dedicated online gambling payment gateway Netherlands plays a vital role in the processing of online payments effortlessly.

  • Security and fraud prevention features

With all the complications presently prevailing in the fintech industry. Keeping it regulatory, and preventing fraud or scams, are significant in the online payment processing system. Moreover, they must be highly strengthened against fraud. There are a lot of well-known cases of fraud and online scams. And which can put online casino businesses on unexpected shutdowns. Security of online payments is a crucial requirement for online casino businesses.

Current trends in Online Casino Payment Solutions

Some of the current trends in online casino payment solutions are as follows:

  • Increasing mobile casino transactions

The requirement for mobile casino gaming is rising, with demonetization complications evolving into more challenging in the online casino industry.

  • Constant approval for cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a growingly preferred payment method in the online gambling industry. Online gamers can immediately deposit and withdraw payments. Also acquiring the advantage of low payment processing costs and benefit enhanced security.

  • Faster transactions

With the rapid growth of the online casino industry, the requirement for fast payment processing has also become a preference for casino merchants. Merchants completely understand that in the current era of immediate satisfaction. So, gamers predict to be capable to get their winning scores immediately and those online casinos that don’t deliver this benefit can experience a vital drawback on a product stage.

  • Open Banking

Another essential tendency that is increasingly growing in the casino industry is the benefit of the open banking feature. Open banking implies the capability of banking consumers to approve third-party businesses to reach their bank account details to gather account details and start payment processing.

There are numerous methods in which Open Banking can be involved in the online casino industry. For example, preferring Open Banking, it is conceivable to link through API to the gamer’s bank account from within the online casino or betting website, and deposit funds immediately.

  • Top-level secure payment platforms

As above mentioned, the requirement for a top-level casino payment processing platform is significant for the success of any online casino business in processing online payments. A top-level secure payment platform is essential to increase trust within the industry.

WebPays solutions and benefits for the online casino industry

WebPays deliver various payment solutions which are suitable for the online casino industry.

  • Credit Card Processing Service

Credit card services are basically an essential payment mode in different countries of Europe such as the Netherlands. WebPays processes transactions from all primary credit card networks such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and many more through its PCI-DSS-compliant payment gateway for online casino businesses.

  • Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative payment modes (APMs) are the sorts of online payment modes next to credit card processing. Delivering APMs is essential as most of these payment choices are very prevalent in specific countries. Additionally, more significant than performing payments by using credit cards.

WebPays delivers numerous online payment methods comprising famous methods like Sofort, ApplePay, iDEAL, Giropay, PayPal, etc. Moreover, we also offer professional advice to customers notifying them of which alternative payment method will be significant for them on the basis of preferred data in certain nations.

  • Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts refer to an online payment account that is suitable for online casino merchants. And also associates inside and outside Europe that wants to run their business in European countries. It is ideal for global transactions and suitable for reimbursing workers, subcontractors, and merchants overseas. This sort of account can also be preferred to accept funds from abroad customers.

Merchant account is one of WebPays’s most prominent payment processing solutions because of our fast account establishment. Additionally, the reality is that cards can be integrated with debit cards which can be utilized as a firm’s commercial cards.

  • Closed-Loop Payment Processing Solutions

The closed-loop payment processing solution delivers online casino businesses and their customers a standard payment ecosystem. Merchant payment platforms and industries can advantage of an exceptional B2B2C payment solution. And that streamlines the cash flow from an online business to its customers and end users.

This sort of payment solution allows smooth and fast online payment account composition and direct fund transfer. This enables merchants to perform online payments to end users faster, securely, and around the globe.

Get the most suitable online casino payment gateway Netherlands for the online casino industry

First and greatest, it is significant to acquire the best payment solution provider who knows the entire online casino industry deeply and offers numerous payment processing solutions. Running an online casino business in an industry that is transforming frequently along with geographical complications such as rules and regulations based on the specific nation becomes ever more demanding. Then the requirement of getting a top-notch secure casino payment gateway Netherlands is integral.

WebPays is a top leading payment solution provider that delivers payment processing services to multiple high-risk industries such as online gambling, casino, and many more. Moreover, they are experts in the payment industry. So, if you want to get further details of our payment gateway solutions and their multiple benefits, or you want to search for the best casino merchant account solutions. You can visit our official website and if you have any queries, you can contact us anytime. You can drop us a mail with your required business details and queries. Our payment expert team will analyze your online business details and suggest the most suitable payment solution for your online casino business. Don’t think twice and connect with us now, you are just one step away from your best casino payment processing platform.