Credit Repair Merchant Account


Credit Repair Merchant Account offered by WebPays to traders

Domestic acquiring banks mostly deny merchant account requests due to the high-risk of deception related to the credit repair firm. Though, there is an affordable as well as trustworthy high- risk credit card dispensation way out is no longer considered to be an obstacle. Our overseas acquiring banking associates assess your industry based on that! With the aid of Credit Repair Merchant Account from WebPays can make you receive credit cards online within a week.

Credit Card Kinds WebPays Can Process

Our domestic Credit Repair Merchant Account can make the traders accept the main credit card types such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Whereas, offshore and global Credit Repair Merchant Account are usually limitless to Visa as well as MasterCard only

Payment Gateway for Credit Repair Trades

WebPays offers payment gateway backing to numerous nations letting you take payments in your customers’ native currency. Our PCI-compliant processes support large ticket dealings and actual-time credit card dispensation allowing sellers to obtain instant notice of business sanction or disavowal

Virtual Terminal Access

Succeeding merchants will obtain free entree towards a virtual terminal through their new obtaining bank. Suppliers can receive credit cards over the telephone or by means of mail order besides physically reach the credit card info exactly into the gateway. Traders are free to let numerous virtual terminal operators who have restricted entrée to your payment access to make the most of call center efficiency.

Merchant Account Costs for Credit Repair Sellers

  • Credit repair traders processing payments with WebPays avail gain from viable, cheap merchant account dues. After support from the obtaining bank, your merchant account bills will be based on the forte besides risk level of the business
  • In times of the mercantile account application procedure, processors and supporters want to perceive that credit repair dealers are running genuine, trustworthy businesses. Underwriters evaluate jeopardy whether the merchant is following all credit repair regulations.
  • The risk is considered through looking at a dealer’s credit scores, credit card dispensation account, bank statements, besides its website. If a web doesn’t have solid confidentiality and repay rules posted, the aspects will destructively influence their applications. The risk surges to a credit card processor while a mercantile has an undesirable bank account balance, due bills besides late payments, and an account of high chargeback charges.
  • It does assure a speedy, streamlined application procedure. Apply now and get accepted within 24 hours.
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