International Merchant Account


Get easy and instant payments from customers from abroad

We at WebPays provide payment transaction solution to merchants all over the world in order to provide them with higher growth. We at WebPay strive hard to provide you with the safe and secure network that can accommodate all your business transactions. We endure every kind of merchants irrespective of their size and volume. With merchant account facility, merchants that are looking to expand their business can have the opportunity to take their business to the offshore market where they can easily promote their product or services to customers. The international market enables you to grab international customers for your business. It enables you to get global customers and along with that, it allows you to have multiple currency factors for your business. Multiple currency factors will allow you to accept multiple currencies for your business. Now customers also have the flexibility to make payment for your business. Since every eCommerce business needs to have an efficient credit card processing for start getting payments from customers. In order to have high sales to the business you need an efficient payment gateway. We at WebPays provide you with the International Merchant Account facility that will take your business to heights. We intend to know the nature of your business before we come up with the solutions that your business needs.

Take your business to height with a merchant account facility

While customers have the facility to make their own choice of payment. The merchants who understand the need of the local market and provide solutions that are beneficial to them can attract more customers and high sales but with payment gateways, they have the facility to take their customer to the global market and they can easily manage to provide their product or services to international customers. Though over wide geographical regions people have different preferences in making payment to online customers. The users situated in Europe use online bank transfer solution to make online payments. While in china they have the opportunity to make payment in any of the methods. Businesses need an International Merchant Account, in order to reach out to customers that are abroad based.

How to get an International Merchant Account?

Businesses often require Offshore Payment Processor in order to start accepting payments from the customers for their business. By having an efficient payment processor they will get easy payment transaction solution for their business. Banks or Financial Institutions restrict themselves to provide you with a merchant account facility. Since they need to make sure that your business is not involved in any kind of illegal activity. They follow a strategic approach to get to know the nature of your business. Then they come up with the possible solutions that are needed to take your business to heights. There are certain documents that are needed before availing a merchant account facility to your business. Here is the list of some of the documents that are required at the time of availing a merchant account.

  • They need to ensure that the Director has their KYC at their hands.
  • You are required to have government recognized Ids such as driving license, Voter ID card etc.
  • 3 months recent bank statement is required
  • If you have previously owned a payment processor then are required to have 3 month’s recent processor statement
  • Chargeback should be up to 2%
  • Service Provider will allow you to have your merchant account ready within 5 to 7 business days
  • You can easily have the facility of having multiple currency factors with payment gateway solution. Multiple currencies allow you to have multiple currencies from different countries. The customers are also reliable with the merchant account facility since they can make payment for the product or services that they are getting from the merchant who is located at the other end of the globe. Now they have the facility to make payment in their own currency. It will also open up a lot of opportunities to merchants such s they can have a high volume of sales in their account, apart from that they can get higher business leads. You can also have the benefit of having some of the most important currencies to your account such as Dollar, Pound, Euro. WebPays strives hard to provide you with the High-Risk Payment Gateway facility to get you smooth and convenient payment transactions.

    Webpays provide you with the premium merchant account facility

    Webpays provide you with the best credit card processing services that will enable you to attract a lot many potential customers to your business. We ensure that merchants get safe and secure payment transactions occurring for their business. It provides you with the best payment gateway solutions that will serve the needs of your business and accompany higher growth to your business. It is recommended to take suggestions from professionals who have profound experience in providing solutions to businesses for choosing the right payment gateway for your business to enhance the overall sale ratio. We at WebPays provide you with the International Merchant Account facility to provide ease in doing business for the merchants based in United Kingdom.

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