Gambling Payment Gateway Brazil


The online gambling industry is definitely enormously beneficial in the current era, leading to rocketed development volume with no chance of pausing any time shortly. In Brazil, the successes reached so far in the gambling industry can be allocated to the constant increase in the fast-transforming industry. Research display that most of these successes were predicted in various categories of the gambling industry such as online casinos, online gaming, sports betting, online lotteries, and many more.

Why Brazil May Become One Of The Most Extensive Online Gambling Markets?

In 2021, it was assessed that the gross gaming revenue (GGR) from online sports betting in Brazil recorded around 2 billion reals. If this industry is permitted in the future, the GGR can also exceed 5 billion Brazilian reals by 2026.

Professionals express that, should iGaming in Brazil become completely legal, the country could also record gross profits of $101bn by 2024. The point is that Brazilian customers are taking funds to global casinos, which affects the economy. By enabling betting, Brazil will experience enormous growth in business revenue, not only from online gamers in the country but also from visitors.

Esports has already verified how extensive the gambling industry can become, with the making of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship. It is one of the entire world’s largest competitions, with millions of online gamers and more than a million followers. 

What is the requirement of a gambling payment gateway for online gambling businesses?

The online gambling industry is considered a high-risk industry due to some risk factors they have such as

  • Excessive chargeback volume
  • High Transactions Volume
  • Fraudulent Activities
  • Global expansion of business

Due to these high-risk factors, it is not an easy procedure to get the best gambling payment gateway Brazil. So, it is necessary to run your online gambling business with a secure and reliable payment service provider. For all these benefits, you can opt for WebPays a tailored gambling payment processing solution that can meet all your business’s payment requirements and deliver a completely secured payment processing platform.

Furthermore, we have a team of experts that has a vast knowledge of operating within the online gambling industry. We also have great experience in resolving the payment-related issues of online businesses.

What benefits you will get if you choose WebPays Gambling Payment Gateway for an online gambling business?

Multi-Currency Transactions
WebPays offers multi-currency payment processing that will deliver you the ability to easily expand your online business into new and global markets. And it can also lower currency conversion rates.
Dedicated Customer Support Team
Our expert team of customer support will always assist you in integration and payment processing and also help you in resolving any sort of payment-related issues. We will also support you to develop your business and offer secure payment processing solutions.
Inexpensive Costs
We acquire a vast global web of multiple acquiring banks that suggests you will get confirmation of the very inexpensive prices in the global market.
Different Integrations With Payment Gateway
You will receive various cart integration with payment gateway such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop,WHMCS, etc.
Connection With Numerous Acquiring Banks
You will get a connection with multiple acquiring banks with our poker merchant account solution. And that will deliver you resilience and protect you from ever-transforming business requirements.
Security And Fraud Prevention Features
Our advanced security and fraud prevention features, experience, knowledge, and proficiency of the industry help you to maintain your business’s safety and security.
Various Online Payment Methods
You can offer your customers multiple payment methods that can help you in enhancing your conversion rates and customer faith.
Improved Volume Of Successful Payments
Delivering the facility to process more than thousands of payments per second, you will never neglect a successful payment.
Industry Knowledge and Experience
We are experts in delivering gambling payment gateway solutions because we are familiar with all the challenges of your sort of business. That’s why we can deliver you the best payment processing services.
PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Gateway Solution
You do not have to worry about the security compliances because we deliver PCI-DSS Compliant casino payment gateway solutions.

Why Prefer WebPays for online gambling payment gateway solutions?

Looking for a secure payment processing platform for your online gambling business, then you are at the right place. We at WebPays deliver more secure and reliable payment processing solutions. So, if you want to get the perfect casino payment processing platform for your customers. You can contact us anytime via our website’s contact us page. You will only need to fill out an application form for gambling payment solutions. We will reach you after examining your business requirements. Our expert customer support team will be more than happy to help you in acquiring a secure and dedicated gambling payment gateway Brazil. Our dedicated support team will also assist you in expanding your online business globally with increased revenue.