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High-Risk Merchant Account For Europe-Based High-Risk Industries To Accept Card-Not-Present Transactions

From the view of credit card payment processors, some enterprises are more dangerous than others. The aspects that move into specifying that risk can differ from persistent chargebacks to bad credit scores.

WebPays has high-risk merchant account solutions for nearly any high-risk merchant. With over a 95.8% approval ratio. So, if you are in requirement of a high-risk merchant account Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy). We will provide you with complete knowledge of high-risk merchant accounts. Here are some specific areas where we have industry-ultimate payment services:

  • Forex businesses
  • Online Casinos & Gaming
  • Nutraceuticals & Nootropics
  • Credit Repair
  • CBD Oil
  • Guns & Firearms
  • Collection Agencies
  • Adult Toys & Entertainment
  • Airline Tickets & Travel
  • Tech Support
Table of content
What is a high-risk merchant account?
How can high-risk merchant accounts acquire payment processors?
Understand your own risk aspects
Collect your economic information
Be translucent from the beginning
Check prices and security measures
Ask about customer support abilities
What can high-risk merchant accounts anticipate from payment processors?
Advantages Of High-Risk Payment Processing
Why WebPays?

What is a high-risk merchant account?

A high-risk merchant account implies that payment processors and credit card networks regard the business as being more probably to default on its online transactions. Moreover, bear a high volume of chargebacks, or even devote fraud.

  • High-risk businesses are generally new and have a record of credit card issues. Or function in an industry that is regarded as contentious or unexpected.
  • Even eCommerce businesses intrinsically fall into the high-risk sector. Because they receive card-not-present transactions or credit card payments where the merchant cannot see the buyer’s card physically.
  • Fine or not, the high-risk level can occur in higher credit card payment fees and higher payment processing ratios. And also typical rules and regulations across compliance and reporting.

If your chargeback volume initiates to surpass a specific point. So, you will have the possibility of being regarded as a high-risk merchant. If your chargeback ratio is not obtained back under the point. Then credit card networks may end to conduct business with you and make it unattainable to take card payments.

How can high-risk merchant accounts acquire payment processors?

It carries a little bit of additional struggle for businesses to ensure a payment processing partner when they are regarded as high risk. However, the task is away from impossible.


It is quite essential to highlight that businesses that come under a high-risk category still have a similar grade of products or services to the low-risk ones. There is no way that a high-risk merchant’s prestige is spoiled just because they are recognized separately by their payment processors.

1. Understand your own risk aspects

The first move is to determine the high-risk aspects assessed with your online business. According to research. “When you’re examining for a payment processor, you should request them how much knowledge of dealing with high-risk merchants like yourself. You should also request their chargeback guidelines and prices.


2. Collect your economic information

Potential payment providers will evaluate your business and tax documents to specify whether you’re a high-risk merchant. Assure your payment service provider is professional in handling high-risk customers. And then review your payment processor’s agreement attentively to understand their standards and terms in marking online merchants as high-risk.

3. Be translucent from the beginning

It’s critical to be fully open and reliable with your merchant service provider. Living honestly in your application is advised. Because fibbing or faking details about your business will basically always result in the omission of your account, the rest of your merchant account, or both.


4. Check prices and security measures

Business merchants should also examine all the terms and conditions of merchant account providers to comprehend any per transaction or percentage-based price that will be assessed.

Assure your payment gateway provider is also obedient to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). And also review whether they have suitable features and solutions in place for fraud-and-chargeback control.

5. Ask about customer support abilities

At last, high-risk merchants should also reflect on the customer service they should get from the payment gateway providers in case something goes incorrect. This signifies understanding that your merchant account will review in the future. Because they also strive to lower your costs and let your online business appear more attractive with a good history.

What can high-risk merchant accounts anticipate from payment processors?

Functioning with a dedicated high-risk merchant account service provider with experience in high-risk payment gateway will assist high-risk merchants to get received more efficiently. But their knowledge will be distinct from accounts that are regarded as lower risk. Anticipate:

  • Higher payment processing costs of around 1.5%
  • Extra interchange prices
  • Higher chargeback fees

Advantages Of High-Risk Payment Processing

Conducting a high-risk business arrives with numerous challenges, but having dedicated online credit card processing doesn’t need to be one of them. A high-risk payment processing solution that is customized to your business delivers relaxation of mind understanding your payment processor is ready to modify with your business requirements.

Some factors you can predict from a high-risk merchant account provider comprise:

  • Elaborated Underwriting. It reduces the undesirable shock of account controls, pauses, and shutdowns because of unpredictable risk activity. It also helps to avoid fake high-risk merchant account instant approval.
  • Available wide Range of Products and Services. It also welcomes businesses that do not allow common merchant accounts.
  • High-volume of Maximum Transactions. However, delivers high ticket portions that fit your pricing structure.
  • Authorized Volume Boosts. It will authorize monthly volume ratios that will increase with your online business.
  • Chargeback Brinks. Moreover, it functions with you to reduce the high chargeback action instead of closing the account without any prior notice or warning.
  • Refund Volumes. It allows you to predict higher refund activity to control chargebacks from happening.
  • Global Development. It also permits more incredible freedom to reach your online business around global borders.
  • Reliable Support delivers a group of familiar solution experts. Moreover, who comprehends the requirements of your particular business structure and industry type?

Why WebPays?

WebPays has been forming things comfortable for high-risk business merchants from the first day. We take dignity in our finding payment processing solutions that drive businesses to their most significant potential without acquiring swamped down in the data of payment processing. WebPays will be your best solution for effortless and secure high-risk credit card processing made to fulfill the unique requirements of your online business.

Our customers like the top-class high-risk merchant account Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy) and the easy payment services we deliver every day. As you can see reviews and testimonials on our website. We would like to be a pillar in your success story.  Visit our website and you will get solutions to your all problems.