What Industries Does WebPays

Accept As Merchants?

Adult Industry

The adult entertainment industry is booming and offers high - income opportunities for merchants. But like every business it also requires merchant service to process and receive the online payments. However, this industry is considered as high risk, in spite of the fact we entertain you with the High Risk Merchant Account for your high risk business.

Pharmacy/ Nutraceuticals

The ease of ordering medicines and health supplements through online websites has created the need of payment processing services. This is a great opportunity for fintech and health tech merchants to expand the services and offerings by getting into the sector. WebPays is ready to serve you with payment solutions that dynamically change your business conversion and revenue.


Travel and tourism industry has a huge market across the Globe! Travel companies and agents solely operate the services and therefore it is vital for them to offer digital payment options to their customers. A payment gateway permits the tour organization to be open constantly to serve whoever they have to, and the client can book promptly.

Tech - Support

As the world is running on digitally advanced gadgets, software, applications etc. Tech - support industry has an important role in our routine life. WebPays is all set to serve with payment processing services whether you deal in software, application, troubleshooting, installation or any technical assistance & support.

Fantasy Sport

There are millions of sports lovers around the world! There are hundreds of varieties of games present and everybody has a different taste for sport. There is cricket, football, hockey, baseball and many more. And many are engaged in fantasy sports, as it gives you the chance to earn more through your favorite game. Fantasy Sport ultimately creates a lucrative opportunity for merchants and generates some good revenue.

E- Cigarette

E-cigarettes are the blazing business among all the e-commerce domains, companies dealing in this field are thriving with good revenue. Many merchants are switching onto e-cigarettes business to earn more profit. But to attract more customers you need to offer all trending digital payment options to the customers.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is quite popular nowadays with a good scope of more growth in future. Merchants offering online gaming services must have gaming merchant accounts to serve their customers with better payment options. Therefore, they require MSP like us to avail the best suited payment solutions.

Online Apparel/ Clothing

Today’s generation loves to follow the latest fashion trends. As so, online shopping for clothes, dresses, footwear, accessories etc is a thing now! But at the same time they want a seamless experience when it comes to the payment part. Any unavailability or time taking process can drive your potential clients to other places.