Non-3D Payment Gateway


Get Instant Payment transactions with payment gateways

We at WebPay provide you with the smooth and flexible payment transactions that will allow you to have efficient business growth. High-Risk Merchants such as Forex Trading, Tech Support, Pharmacy, Adult Entertainment, Casino, Online Dating, E-Commerce. All these merchants take help from the merchant account service provider to allow their website to accept payments from the customers. Non-3D Payment Gateways provides you with better payment transactions option with more reliability and quick transaction methods. Customers also get the secure option for transferring the funds. They often associate with brands that have reliable payment transaction services. We at WebPay offer the best credit card processing solutions that will allow debit or credit card users to process them for making online transactions.

Get low chargebacks for your business

Businesses are required to have low chargeback so that they can have more recurring customers for their online website. All popular brands have the flexibility of having a higher recurring customer. Since customers are most likely to associate with the business that has reliable services associated with them. Hence, if a business is getting higher chargeback for their business it means they will have more dissatisfied customers or they will have customers that have no faith in their product or services. People don’t like to associate with your product or services for a longer period. Hence having low chargeback is the requirement of the merchants who want to make reliable customers for their business. We at Webpay first intend to know the nature of your business then we will come up with the possible solutions required for your business so that you can enhance your business value.

Benefits of 2D payment gateway

  • Merchants will have the benefit of quick acknowledgements. Once you successfully transfer the fund from one financial institution to other financial institutions. You will get instant acknowledgements.
  • Merchants can easily get the fast statement
  • You will have the option for multi-currency on your online website. The multi-currency option will allow you to have multiple currencies such as Dollar, Euro, and Dinar etc. for your business account. International customers have the flexibility to make payment with their currency.
  • Merchants are always concerned with getting a secure payment transaction for their business. Since high-risk businesses often deal with high-risk factor and deal with a lot of money so they need to make sure they have a secure network of getting payments.
  • Merchants will also get the benefits of real-time transactions. All the transactions occurring for the business are in real-time so it gets easily reflected on the other end.
  • Merchants will have complete support from the service provider and they will support regarding any problem associated with High Risk Merchant Account.
  • No OTP transactions
  • Internet Credit Card Processing