How COVID-19 Pandemic affect the Online Payment Industry?


Even before the pandemic hit, the online payment industry was quite busy over the last few years. Double-digit development prices, unsteady valuations, and technological improvements at exceptional rates are some of the arrows that confirm it. Yet, one must not undervalue the small volume removal because of COVID-19.

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the online payment industry has been less painful as resembled the other segments of the FinTech industry. Yet, it doesn’t imply that the payment segment is entirely resistant to COVID-19 effects.

With social distancing and lockdowns in countries, the travel and transport enterprise has seen a massive refusal. This decline also comprises all the high-risk payment gateway providers who have an association with the travel industry.

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Also, the financial apprehension because of the pandemic has pushed people to pay funds very carefully which has led to the entire lessening of customer payments. This lessening in customer payments influences payment processing services. As well as to those card providers who get their earnings from the interchange prices.

According to McKinsey, international payment earnings are predicted to reduce by 10 percent which would record 1.86 trillion US dollars in the issue of a quieted healing technique. This is tremendous as the COVID-19 assessment for 2020 forecasted the international payments earnings to come to about 2.17 trillion US dollars.

Mobile funds

Research emitted by MX, which is an online conversion platform for credit associations and banks. It also displays that there’s a rise of 50% in mobile banking engagement since the end of 2019. It also showed that the payments conducted via debit and credit cards noticed a reduction of 25% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effectively 60% of partakers also stated that their primary financial organization is unable to make them financially more powerful. And they would like to shift to mobile banking.

As per the study by various paymentq companies. The COVID-19 pandemic is also pushing customers in the entire world towards online payments and mobile banking.

As per the study, about 45% of the banked players have transformed the way they communicate with their financial organizations. 39% of Gen Xers, 46% of baby boomers, and 36% of millennials are now preferring online or mobile banking.

Card-based online payments

Card payments have noticed a wave of 75% during the COVID-19 pandemic. As per the researched data, this overflow is because of worry that customers have overmanaging cash. As per the business update, the card-based online payments noticed a wave of 75.3% and 74.4% year-on-year during the span from 1st to 17th April and from 18th April to 17th May respectively.

The identical period also saw a fall in ATM transactions by about 39.9% and 33.31% particularly. The primary cause behind this reduction was the buyer’s hesitation to manage cash. Also, many consumers selected to sit indoors because of the pandemic.

COVID-19 functioned as a motivation for a movement that was already bearing place before the pandemic. Before the pandemic, card online payments increased by 20.6% from last year till 31st March 2020. Although, ATM transactions declined by 4.1% during the identical span.

One other cause behind the decline in ATM withdrawal of funds was of nation’s government’s lockdown on 23rd March which closed down all the non-mandatory retail shops.

The COVID-19 pandemic has infused anxiety in everyone’s mind concerning cash management. Everyone is evading the benefit of cash during the pandemic. As per the payment pundits, the COVID-19 crisis is here to persist for a long time.

People will gradually adapt to the new normal by assuming card and cashless payments over cash. Even comfort stores are acclimating their delivery to assure that every buyer can easily utilize their credit and debit cards for completing seamless and secure online payments.

Global payments

Global payments have been hardly struck by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, global payments are evaluated to reduce by 20 percent in 2020 as an outcome of the problem generated by the pandemic. This reduction is regarded as the most competent one in the current past. The primary cause behind this reduction is the drop in earnings of itinerant employees.

This is an alarming problem as about 75% of the globe’s immigrants function in countries where nearly three-quarters of national -19 cases have been registered. Furthermore, the payments transmitted by customers in these countries are as increased as 90%.

These employees are among the segments that are powerless to the failure of employment during a condition of economic problems in the host nation. If we have a glance at the payment of low and middle-income nations (LMICs). Then the evaluated rejection is almost 19.7 percent to $445 billion. This rejection is a major piece of many helpless domestic economic life.

Payments have performed a vital role in elevating poverty in millions of more inferior and middle-class families in growing nations. They have improved their healthy revenue. The settlement fund has an association with improved payments on education and relieving the techniques of child struggle.


The COVID-19 pandemic has extensively affected the payment industry as an entirety. Some of the segments have been affected effectively. Whereas, the remainder has encountered negative consequences.

After examining the effect of COVID-19 on all the payment segments, one factor is pretty obvious. If any online business likes to persist in the pandemic. Then they must embrace alternative payment methods. They must deliver their customers an easy, effortless, comfortable, and social-distancing-social way of choice.

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