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An international payment gateway Hong Kong is most preferred in Hong Kong because cash payments are in a vertical drop in Hong Kong as customers like to go online, both online and in-store, a new report by FIS records.

The 2021 International Payments Report by Worldpay from FIS, analyzes current and future payment movements in around 41 countries. And found that the pandemic has increased the use of digital wallets instead of cash at point-of-sale (POS) in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s eCommerce industry is also launched to snowball over the coming four years from US$21 billion to $29 billion.

Credit cards are the most chosen in-store payment method, recording 56 percent of online payments last year, and maintain this rank until 2024.

The entire eCommerce industry in Hong Kong is predicted to expand by nearly 27 percent over the coming four years to get US$236 billion.

Digital wallets will be the rapidly-increasing in-store payment method. Also forecasted to record 36 percent of transactions by 2024, enhancing from 22 percent last year.

What is an international payment gateway Hong Kong?

An international payment gateway Hong Kong is a type of online software that enables online businesses to receive and process an online shopper’s credit or debit card payment information and safely process their credit card payments quickly. This must also help in enabling online payment processing and facilitates flexible payment data management. Actually after choosing an online payment service provider and an international merchant account. An online international business will not be eligible to process online payments without acquiring a high-risk international merchant account.

Online eCommerce businesses that like to accept online payments worldwide need to get an international payment gateway. That facilitates global or multi-currency online transactions. And also has complete knowledge of international payment techniques. And it provides access to multiple languages. Also, global merchants can choose from an extended variety of online payment service providers. Specifically, they deliver outstanding domestic and international payment gateway solutions at affordable prices.

A high-risk international payment gateway solution also delivers full security of your buyer’s confidential payment details. Yet, the security of your buyer’s payment details must undergo different security inspections to prevent the threat of data breaching. Because this protection enhances customers’ faith in your online business. Additionally, that subjects to a wide customer base and reduces the cart abandonment percentage.

Benefits of an international payment gateway in Hong Kong

  • An international payment gateway Hong Kong furnishes the finest technical and customer support 24*7.
  • A high-risk payment gateway Hong Kong gives the facility of multi-currency payment processing to online businesses.
  • We deliver authentic online payment processing services to online businesses across the globe.
  • We also deliver virtual payment platforms to conduct online transactions. And also provide special permissions compulsory for the high volume of online transactions.
  • You will also acquire effortless access to online management of payment details. You will own a merchant account ID and a history of online transactions that can be analyzed online anytime.
  • Affordable prices for operating the merchant account with zero currency conversion fees.
  • We will provide you with the facility of selecting the finest business payment processing services to operate your business safely.

Hence, at WebPays, we give priority to the requirements of our online shoppers and provide customized payment solutions with preferred regions and currencies. We can also offer tailored payment processing services for your online business payment requirements. To get further payment details regarding an international payment gateway Hong Kong. Then just drop us a mail and our expert team will get connected with you. And they will assist you in satisfying your online customers.

Why choose WebPays only?

WebPays strives to deliver its customized high-risk merchant account solution to both large and small-scale companies. And it also delivers online payment accessibility worldwide with high-grade protection.

With an international business, your business’s growth drives the procedure of managing international payments easily. You do not have to provide and manage online billing manually.

Because managing and providing invoices to your customers manually takes plenty of time, effort, and money as well. Moreover, WebPays’s international payment gateway Hong Kong service has an adequate data maintenance facility to manage all your online payment processing.

For owning the best online credit card processing service. You will need to contact WebPays by easily sending us a contact form with the required details. And our proficient team will connect with you in a short span with the most suitable payment gateway services for your online business.

FAQ 1. What are the primary features your online business gets from the international payment gateway Hong Kong?

An international payment gateway Hong Kong equips different kinds of advantages such as flawless credit card processing service, multi-currency payment features, advanced security features, and alternative payment methods.

FAQ 2. Who furnishes the finest international payment gateway in Hong Kong?

As per the research, WebPays is known as the dedicated and most protected international payment gateway service provider for all types of global businesses across the globe. So, prefer WebPays and give your online business a new way to rise.