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merchant account

Merchant Account

High-risk merchants around the world supposedly use High-Risk Merchant Accounts. With the conventional banks stepping away from the high-risk businesses, it is crucial to reach the merchant service providers.

Furthermore, the merchant account is used for various purposes. It will help your business to store the revenue that you process on your website. Therefore, WebPays provide you with options for your merchant account. International Merchant Account is a part of the services that provide various advantages to your business.

Here are some of the vital details of the Merchant Account Services that we offer to the High-Risk Merchants.

Become Worthy of Online Payments

A merchant account lets you accept online payments. Your business can store the generated revenue in the acquiring bank. WebPays allow you to get a merchant account as soon as possible. The process becomes more prominent with WebPays in the picture. There are certain benefits of choosing us over other service providers.

  1. Complete Merchant Assistance: We offer complete assistance to the merchants for their needs. In other words, a high-risk merchant account can be offshore, handle multiple currencies, accept multiple modes of payment, or PCI Compliant. There can also be a possibility that the merchant account lacks these amenities.
  2. Thus, we allow the merchants to share their needs for the merchant account. It allows us to reach the banks better and faster.

  3. Instant Approval: WebPays have massive connectivity of international banks. It allows us to reach international banks instantly and provide you with the best merchant account. Moreover, we provide the banks to meet your demands for accepting online payments.
  4. It will help you to process the payments online right to your acquiring bank with the best conditions. We take account of all the needs of your business and provide you with the best merchant account solutions.

  5. Payment Processing Solution: WebPays have the expertise to provide a complete payment solution for your business. Our High-Risk Payment Gateway will complement the High-Risk Merchant Account.
  6. Moreover, the payment gateway will allow you to process online payments right on your website. The processed payment will be settled to your merchant account through daily, weekly, or monthly settlements.

  7. Security: Our chosen banks are PCI Compliant Level 1. The payment processing channels provide a solution to accept online payments. Therefore, we provide the best-in-class security solution to make sure that your business. Having a compliant channel ensures top-notch security to the payment processing for your business.
  8. The high-risk merchant account needs a safe environment because it facilitates online payments and processes them into your acquiring bank.

  9. Handle Multiple Currencies: Reaching a global audience requires consumer convenience. Hence, accepting multiple currencies means you can offer the consumers ease of payment through their local currency.
  10. It significantly enhances the payment experience of the consumers and ensures better consumer retention on your website. Moreover, the number of return consumers will also increase.

  11. 24 x 7 Support: Every business faces an obstacle at one point in time. Moreover, payment processing is not your forte as well. Thus, we are here to support your business anytime. Our expert team is available for your calls and needs whenever you face a problem.
  12. There will not be a single issue of payment processing that will go unresolved.

Why Do you need a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Conventionally banks avoid high-risk merchants. Moreover, if you somehow get a merchant account from them, there are high chances that they will terminate your account based o the chargeback ratio or multiple frauds. However, getting a high-risk merchant account with WebPays Merchant services provides security to the account.

We handle a higher chargeback ratio and also provide fraud prevention tools to protect your business from fraud. Our High-Risk Payment Gateway has all the services that you need for your business to work concerning payment processing. We also ensure the best-in-class security for your business with tokenization, PCI Compliance, 3D and Non-3D Payment Gateway, P2PE, etc.

Moreover, we have multiple modes of payment other than Credit Card Processing. We seamlessly handle e-Checks, e-Wallets, Crypto, Net Banking, ACH, and multiple other payment methods. It allows your business to provide the convenience that the consumers need for payments. It adds to the convenience of the consumers along with the payment experience.


To sum up, a High-Risk Merchant Account from our expert Merchant Services provides ample opportunities for your business. Moreover, if you need to establish your business's presence in a global market, getting an International Merchant Account would be a wiser choice as well.

A High-Risk business is a volatile one. Thus, we provide fraud prevention tools and chargeback management through the High-Risk Payment Gateway. It will be a great leap forward in your business. Your business can establish a complete payment processing solution on your website. In other words, you can process payments on your website and accept them in your merchant account.

Get in touch with Our Expert Team today to get a personalized solution for all your merchant account needs.

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