Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Take business to the next level with eCommerce Payment Gateway

Gone are the times of COD (Cash on Delivery). Today, online payments are a thing! Moreover, if your business falls in a high-risk industry, you will need a High-Risk Payment Gateway for online payments. A High-Risk Merchant Account can accept your online payments. However, you need a payment processing channel to process the payments on your website.

Thus, you require certain advantages from the payment gateway for your business. Moreover, there are specific security parameters that are essential, and every payment gateway should follow. We took some time and compiled a list of essentials and features of a payment processing channel. It will help you to choose better for your business.

What are the Essential Functions of a Payment Gateway?

1. Correct Authentication

A Payment Gateway has 3 Core functions. The first is to authenticate the payment for processing accurately. It is a crucial part of card-not-present payments. In this function, consumers put their payment information and strike the OK button. Our Payment Gateway promptly transmits the payment details to the Payment Process, i.e., the bank. The bank checks if the payment is processed by the person In-Charge and waves a green flag.

Moreover, an OTP is generated by a 3D Payment Gateway to complete the authentication process. The function may vary depending on the payment mode.

2. Clearing

The second function is to clear the payment based on the authorized response. As soon as the service provider approves that the payment is correctly charged, the clearing process occurs. The merchant's acquiring bank confirms the price and deposits the amount to the Merchant Account.

The acquiring bank gets the authentication information from the Card Issuers or the consumer's bank.

3. Precise Reporting

The last and final function of the payment gateway is to report and send invoices to all the financial institutions involved. It is the token of proof that the transaction is complete. It promptly sends the information to the consumer’s bank, the merchant’s acquiring bank, Card Issuer, or the financial corporation involved.

The Diverse Features of a Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway from WebPays will have a variety of features. These features are integrated in such a way that it offers the maximum benefits to your business. Our International Payment Gateway has:

1. Fraud Prevention Services: Frauds are pretty common in High-Risk Businesses. Therefore, our payment gateways are pre-built FPS. This will serve as a massive benefit to your business. Some of the tools are AVS, Device ID, Geolocation, Fraud Scoring, CVV Checker, etc. It instantly terminates the fraudulent activities and stops any scams.

2. Chargeback Protection: WebPays offer complete Chargeback Protection on the High-Risk Payment Gateway. Our services fall under the Chargeback Guarantee model. Thus, your business won’t have to worry about the chargebacks anymore. We take the guarantee to resolve the issue before it even hits the chargeback mark in the bank.

3. Seamless Integration: We have multiple options for integration of the payment gateway. Our cutting-edge tech enables Integration through API, SDK, and various plugins for e-Commerce Payment Gateway. Our Payment Gateway can quickly integrate to your website to start with the payment processing readily.

4. Global Card Saving: An intelligent feature of the high-risk payment gateway for the convenience of consumers. Global Card Saving feature allows consumers to save their transaction details for future payments. One can conveniently pay through our payment gateway the second time without entering the payment details.

5. Easy Checkout: Annoying redirections makes it harder for the consumers to pay for the desired goods or services. Thus, the easy checkout feature comes in handy for payment processing. Consumers can carry out the transaction from a single window. It becomes a hassle-free process for them as there will be no waiting for the redirections.

6. Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual: Our Offshore Payment Gateway is ready to accept all the major currencies worldwide. Moreover, every consumer feels ease of payment when they have the convenience to read in their local language. Therefore, we support multiple languages to provide the consumers comfortable payment experience.

7. Top-Notch Security: Security is a non-compromisable part of a financial institution. Thus, we have all the security features embedded into the payment gateway. Moreover, you get PCI DSS Compliance Level 1 to ensure the best-grade security for the payments. There are other security features such as:

  • Tokenization: replaces the sensitive card information into non-sensitive data.
  • P2PE: Point-to-Point Encryption to keep the payment information encrypted throughout the channel.
  • 3D Secure: adds a tertiary layer with One-Time Password.
  • SSL Certificate: Our payment Gateway window is SSL certified for data protection.

Closing the Deal with WebPays

Whether it is Payment Gateways Europe or an e-Commerce Payment Gateway, WebPays have you covered. Our Expert Solutions offer your high-risk business the precise Payment Processing Solution. We have the means and an in-house team to ensure the best payment experience for the consumers.

Furthermore, we will ensure that there are no fraudulent activities or chargebacks to your business. Our High-Risk Payment Gateway is uniquely created and balanced to provide a fantastic experience with top-notch security.