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Online Poker Merchant Account: Every Poker Merchant’s Dream!

The Online Poker Industry’s growth has been exponential over time. That accounts for a merchant getting a Merchant Account. However, being on the high-risk side of the industry, it becomes extremely crucial.

A service provider such as Webpays knows how to handle high-risk businesses knows the best solution for a business.

Getting Approved for the Online Payments

Accepting Online Payments is essential, but a business needs to get an acquiring bank for a merchant account before accepting the payments. Getting Instant Approval for Merchant Account is not an easy task. Only expert service providers can offer a business the opportunity to get an instant approval for a merchant account. Let alone a high-risk business.

Bank Connections

An MSP needs to have a massive chain of international banks. Getting an Online Poker Merchant Account requires a service provider to connect with the industry. Therefore, it needs to provide a merchant account according to the needs of the business. Webpays has an extensive network around the world which allows instant approval.


A merchant account needs to be PCI Compliant to follow all the general security protocols.

Thus, all the merchant account by Webpays are PCI Compliant to match the security requirements around the world. It keeps the transactions safe and secured and lets your business enjoy smoothness.

The Support from the Merchant Service Provider

Getting a helping hand for a business is essential for a merchant account. Thus, making sure that you get the support is not a big deal.

Complete Merchant Assistance

Getting the assistance to set up the merchant account from a service provider allows a merchant to get the acquiring bank easily. An Online Poker Merchant Account requires time for all the documentation and charges. Therefore, assistance to a merchant helps to ease the process.

24 x 7 Support

After getting the merchant account, a Merchant might need support from the service provider.

A merchant might require the service provider at any point. Thus, Webpays has round the clock support to meet all the needs of the merchants every time they require the support.

Accept Online Payments Seamlessly

An Online Poker Merchant Account allows a merchant to accept online payments seamlessly. Getting the perfect acquiring bank that allows all the requirements of a business is the key.

Therefore, with Webpays, a merchant gets multiple modes of payment, currency support, Top-Notch Security, and much more.

Closing it in

In conclusion, an Online Poker Merchant Account by Webpays is easy. However, getting approval for the merchant account, especially in high-risk businesses, is hard. Thus, Webpays offer expertise in it and provide an enhanced solution for the merchants. With multiple support and expertise in the particular area, a merchant can get a merchant account hassle-free.

On the one hand, a business gets a merchant account. On the other hand, the business becomes eligible for a payment gateway to process payments on the website or the application. It transitions a business for the online marketplace.