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With the constant growth in online casinos and the gambling industry, the demand for online gambling payment gateway platforms for such websites has also increased concurrently. Technical improvements make it convenient for gamblers and casino enthusiasts to play in the convenience of their homes. Also with all the feasible casino games at their preference. The safety and trustworthiness of online transactions are no more a danger to online gamblers but a boon in camouflage

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Market Size Of Online Gambling in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia Online Gambling Market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of around 7.85% during the prediction period, i.e. 2022-27. The expansion of the industry assigns mainly to the increasing number of inexpensive internet plans, easy access to online gambling, and large-scale evolution of outstanding and multiplayer gambling. As per the GlobalWebIndex, almost 91% of the internet users in Saudi Arabia of the age group 16-64 play online games on different devices, such as laptops, PC, mobile devices, etc. And per-user time expended from 1 hr 33 minutes in 2020 to 1 hr 58 minutes in 2021.

Saudi Arabia is residence to 21.2 million online gamblers, i.e., the world’s 19th biggest market in the gambling industry with an income leap of more than 4.1% as compared to 2019.” There is a Saudi eSports Federation (SEF) formed in 2017 that delivers some regulations and stringent terms to regulate the complete online gambling industry. And it is also involved in the industrial growth of this particular nation. Hence its beginning, the federation has scheduled numerous world-class domestic and global gaming events to allure acquisitions from both local & private-sector organizations when actively functioning with global gambling developers for prospects in Saudi Arabia.

What are online gambling payment gateways?

An online gambling payment gateway is an implanted platform for an online gambling website that links merchants and customers for transactions for their services. When a payment solution is established on a website, the customer selects their choice of payment method to transfer funds. And which states them to submit an online form and enable the online payments to execute. An online gambling payment gateway Saudi Arabia preferred the website then processes this payment and deposit or take the fund from the customer.

Most online gambling websites function in the same way and allow customers to withdraw or deposit funds securely from and into their accounts. Unluckily, because of the data breaching and the danger of details leaks, gambling websites such as online casinos have encountered complications in the past in establishing a standard payment gateway platform on their websites. But for many years, online payment gateway providers have uncovered reliable and dedicated services to this issue in the mode of eWallets, cryptocurrency, and many other online payment methods.

Important Factors To Look For In A Gambling Payment gateway

There are various gambling payment service providers, and certain features and benefits of these systems may differ. When selecting a gambling payment solution provider. It’s essential to consider some important factors comprising the payment processor’s prestige, security, and dedication of the payment system. And the variety of numerous providers and aspire suggestions from other gambling companies or industry professionals.

These are some additional factors you will need to look for when preferring a gambling payment service for your online gambling platform:

  • Security Features

All online gambling businesses must select merchant solutions that are protected for their customers. Payment processors that deliver standards against friendly fraud and various advanced security features are of the greatest significance. And also expanding the trustworthiness of these websites.

  • Fast Payment Processing

It is obvious that online players and gamblers don’t like to wait for long to process their online transactions. That can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a decrease in the client base.

  • Affordable Pricing Structure

For most payment processing solutions, online gamblers need to pay higher fees for payment processing. So, your preferred online casino payment gateway must deliver payment processing services at affordable rates and also charge a low cost per transaction processing.

  • Various Payment Methods

As everyone wants their casino payment platforms accessible to everyone globally. So, gambling payment gateways must deliver more than one consistent payment method with various countries. And enable the customer to pay via different payment methods on your gambling platform.

  • Regulations & Compliances

Following regulations and compliances are most significant when selecting a merchant processing service. And which comprises licenses and various compliances such as PCI-DSS.

  • 24*7 Customer Assistance

Processing transactions online is not an easy procedure. You may experience various complications and that is common. So, getting 24*7 customer support can make it effortless and expand your business globally. And that can also lead to increasing your client base.

Gambling payment gateway integration services

Gambling payment gateway integration services imply the procedure of integrating a payment gateway into an online gambling website. This basically includes configuring the payment gateway to function with the platform and linking the two systems to enable the secure processing of online transactions.

Gambling payment gateway integration services may be delivered by the payment service provider or by a third-party service provider. These payment processing services basically consist of the establishment and configuration of the payment gateway. And it also includes testing to assure that it is functioning properly with the online gambling platform.

Gambling payment gateway integration services may also comprise some extra features and services. Some of the primary features are a variety of different payment methods, and compliance security with appropriate rules and regulations. And also relevant industry standards, and fraud prevention features.


After considering all these factors, you are ready to select the most secure and reliable gambling payment gateway Saudi Arabia. As there are many payment gateway providers available in the market, it is necessary to consider all the significant factors stated above. WebPays will get you approved for high-risk merchant accounts for your online businesses in all high-risk industries. Our online poker merchant account delivers multiple benefits such as advanced security features, advanced technology, multi-currency payments, intelligent payment routing, various payment methods, and fast payment processing at very affordable rates. Our casino payment gateway platforms also support all primary credit cards, and digital wallets comprising ApplePay, GiroPay, and many more.

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