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International Payment Gateway New Zealand

An international payment gateway New Zealand is significant for your online business if you want to deal at an international level.

In the eCommerce industry, the number of online shoppers is predicting at 3.2 million users by 2025. User penetration will be 64.9% in 2022 and is predicting at 64.4% by 2025. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is forecasted to count at US$2.19k. Similarly in New Zealand, international eCommerce sales are predicted to boost over the next years. As new eCommerce markets are appearing, global development will resume over the next years. However, this evolution will be driven by East and Southeast Asia with their increasing middle class and their sluggish offline infrastructure.

What do you understand by an international payment gateway New Zealand?

The facility of an international payment gateway New Zealand enables the business to accept online payments and process them securely and immediately with the presence of various acquiring banks and credit card networks.

An international merchant account functions as a mediator between customers and merchants by transmitting their payment details. Moreover, it processes online payments with the support of various security features delivered by payment gateway providers and then sent to the merchant’s bank account.

An international merchant account solution also assists in safeguarding confidential buyer’s payment details. Because customers’ credit card details and other account information are secure to prevent the illegal use of the customer’s payment data. So, acquiring a high-risk payment gateway is necessary to conduct your online payments securely.

Features of an international payment gateway New Zealand

Online Fraud Security PCI DSS Compliant Payment Gateway Service
International payment gateway solutions are not only determined to just process debit and credit card payments online. They also help in resisting revoked checks and online scams who are out to get a quick dollar from your online business. So, our global payment gateway has different fraud prevention services. To protect customers’ personal payment details, our high-risk payment gateway solution is I-level PCI DSS compliant. So, you don’t have to be troubled about your payment details' protection.
Fraud prevention Payment Processing Solution Expansion in client base
When buyers need to buy something online, payment information is not always safe. Because some fraudsters can rob buyers’ account details to perform fraudulent online payments. Yet it is ending in a loss of funds from your account. Hence, this data must be carefully checked before authorizing the transaction. A global payment gateway also permits buyers across the globe to reach your online store. And it is finishing in the enormous evolution of your business’s client base.
Effortless Payment Gateway Integration with shopping cart Fast payouts
Most repeatedly, merchant account solutions include a payment gateway mechanism to integrate into an online website’s shopping cart. This also facilitates customers to select products in a single click, add them to their specific shopping carts, and execute the purchase at the checkout step. Yet, product charges, sales tax, and shipping prices are computed without the customer’s presence. An international payment gateway solution that delivers a fast and more efficacious payout procedure. Moreover, buyers can buy anything in very less time to pay for products or services online.
24*7 accessibility for online shoppers Multi-currency Payments
The international payment gateway furnishes buyers with 24*7 accessibility to your products and executing payments for them. Moreover, purchases can be performed at any moment of the day and from anywhere in the world. New Zealand allure to a massive number of buyers across the globe. However, most visitors like to make their residence management before reaching there. Yet, they like to make a payment in their desired currency. If you have a business in New Zealand and you want to accept online transactions in your merchant account solution. Then your payment gateway provider should enable you to take online payments in multiple currencies.

Why prefer WebPays?

WebPays offers affordable and efficient high-risk payment gateway services. As every online merchant wants to drive their online business globally. So, to run an eCommerce business thrivingly, it is vital that your online business receives online payments from all over the world. WebPays also provides a high-quality international merchant account solution with a complete suite of payment services and advanced security features.

Our high-risk merchant account services will help you in receiving online transactions from different countries in various currencies. It also allows you to pay your customers via different sorts of payment methods such as credit card processing services, bank transfers, eWallets, etc.

WebPays permits online merchants to receive online payments from different countries and several payment methods across the world in affordable price range solutions.

So, if you are an eCommerce business merchant exploring a protected and adequate way to accept payments online around the globe. Then WebPays is one of the most appropriate payment service providers. For additional details on our international payment gateway New Zealand, connect with us now by signing up here.

FAQ 1. Which is the most preferred payment method in New Zealand?

After credit cards, the next most famous payment method is eWallets, which are rapidly increasing in New Zealand. So, they already have a 22 percent bonus in the eCommerce payments industry which is similar to Australia.

FAQ 2. Who is the best international payment gateway provider in New Zealand?

As there is a wide range of payment service providers, WebPays delivers the best global payment gateway in New Zealand because it has great experience in delivering payment services worldwide.