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International Payment Gateway UAE is a smart payment solution for dealing worldwide securely.

The United Arab Emirates is known as the 24th biggest place for eCommerce users with an income of US$8.5 billion in 2021, establishing it forward to Vietnam and Austria.

With an expansion of 36%, the UAE’s eCommerce industry donated to a global expansion rate of 15% in 2021. Similarly to the United Arab Emirates, international eCommerce revenues are predicted to boost over the coming years. As new eCommerce industries are transforming, international boost will continue over the coming years. This growth will be launched by East and Southeast Asia with their increasing middle class and their sluggish offline framework.

With an annual development ratio of 10% between 2021 and 2025, the United Arab Emirates is even predicted to exceed the international average of 6%.

What is an international payment gateway UAE?

An international payment gateway UAE may sound a little discouraging if you are new to the online business. But actually, it is a sort of business bank account that enables you to receive and process online payments over the internet. You can set up a merchant account by associating with a bank, or in this situation, an acquiring bank that simplifies the discussion behind every online payment.

If you want to provide your products or services to customers across the world, then you may consider a high-risk merchant account. Far from a standard merchant account. International accounts allow you to take online payments from areas around the globe. This comprises additional features such as currency conversion and more security standards to save against fraudulent movements.

Opening an account with an acquiring bank can be a tiresome procedure. Specifically, if you are functioning in a high-risk industry. But when you get a banking organization or payment service provider that’s a suitable match for your experience, you can set up your merchant account with a contract including the terms and conditions of your partnership. This comprises prices and per-transaction prices that the bank may assess.

Features of an international payment gateway UAE

If you prefer an international payment gateway UAE. Then you will be able to get the following features:

  • You can serve your products or services across the globe.
  • You can receive payments in multiple currencies.
  • Stay safe and secure with strict security standards.
  • You can take online payments via different payment methods, comprising credit cards (all major card networks) and also a large variety of alternative payment methods.
  • You can also prevent your online business from fraud and charge back to remove them.
  • Take advantage of various extra beneficial features.

WebPays is able to fulfill the requirements of even the most focused buyers. So, to make your online business develop, you must prefer the best international merchant account solutions, that provide you with additional benefits.

Why choose WebPays?

WebPays deliver reliable, customized, and secure international payment gateway UAE services that enhance your experience to take the next step and encounter complicated eCommerce issues. So, find your ideal banking associate with the list of well-settled, legal acquiring banks that can’t let down your development. WebPays delivers:

  • Fast approval for international payment services.
  • Affordable fees for all the industries
  • Payment solutions available for every type of high-risk business
  • Reputed banking associates with validated records
  • 24*7 Excellent customer and technical support
  • Personalized payment solutions for each specific customer

Your online business implies a lot to you. So, we completely understand how essential it is to deliver dedicated, efficacious high-risk payment gateway solutions that assist your online business in securely expanding your experience, specifically when it arrives to online payment processing.

Reach us today to see how we can assist you in receiving and processing payments online. So, you can access the world’s eCommerce market with just a single click.

FAQ 1. What are the benefits you can take from an international payment gateway in UAE?

An international payment gateway UAE delivers a lot of benefits for your online business such as reliable and protected credit card processing service, fraud prevention features, multi-currency payment methods accepted, and 24*7 customer service available.

FAQ 2. Who is the most reliable international payment gateway provider in UAE?

WebPays is ascertained as the most reliable and safe international payment gateway solution provider for all varieties of online businesses in the UAE and globally.