Payment gateway for poker

Payment Gateway

Get the Royal Flush with a Payment Gateway for Poker! Win It All!

Getting the Royal Flush has a 1 in 649,740 chance, and getting a payment gateway for the Poker business is just as hard. Due to the high-risk factor of online poker, service providers tend to keep their hands off from this industry. Thus, there are slim chances of your poker venture to get a payment processing unit.

So, why are we talking about it? Well, because there is a dedicated solution to the merchants of the sector. Your business requires expertise in card games, and the payment service provider requires expertise in payment solutions. Let's get into the details to provide you with some of the best solutions for payment processing.

The Payment Gateway for Poker Merchant: How the PSP's Expertise Work?

The high-risk industry of the Online Poker business has seen a surge over the pandemic situation. Everybody wanted to earn while sitting in their homes. Thus, the corporations shot towards better growth. Reports suggest that the online gaming industry saw a significant boost during the time.

The online poker payment gateway needs to have multiple solutions that quickly process the payment. Therefore, there arises a need for fast and secure payments on the website. The PSP's expertise in the industry will provide you with the solution you need.

  • The requirement of a non-3d payment gateway will instigate faster payment processing. However, if a payment service provider is not from the industry, they won't offer you a solution for it.
  • Multiple-Currency Support is another part of the online payment processing of a Poker corporation. In other words, if a business wants to reach a global audience, a single currency will limit the business's reach.
  • Payments with massive values are pretty common in online poker. There are millions of dollars on a bet, and a business needs to be ready to process those payments. Many payment service providers don't have large-value payment systems. Thus, a payment gateway for poker will not be feasible for them.

Multiple such instances require expertise and a multi-directional solution for your business. However, PSPs without knowledge tend to start processing the payment, which causes a reduction of a consumer's payment experience for your business.

How WebPays Provide Impeccable Solution to your business?

Features of a payment gateway for poker remain intact, but the added benefits from a payment service provider play a crucial role. WebPays puts value to your payment processing solution by dynamically supporting your business.

Easy Integration

Integration of Payment gateway for Poker business needs to be crisp and quick. Furthermore, it is all about the range of options available to merchants around the world. In other words, there are many integration methods and what a service provider and merchant are up to them.

WebPays offer API, HPP, SDK, and shopping cart plugin support. It helps to integrate the payment gateway quickly into your website. However, it is up to the merchant to decide the one for them. Each of the methods has its benefits and setbacks.

Fraud Prevention System

The fraud prevention system is worked upon through the tools that are dynamically working on the payment gateway. To be precise multiple active and passive tools constantly check for fraud, scams, and id thefts.

WebPays use Address Verification System, CVV checker, Device Identification, Geolocation Tracking, Fraud Scoring, and Multi-Factor Authentication to make the process seamless.

Chargeback Protection

Another advantage of choosing the solutions from WebPays is the chargeback protection for your business. Would you rather have a management tool or a protection service that covers the entire cost of the chargeback?

Well, Option 'B' will collect more votes. WebPays offer complete chargeback protection to the merchants. Getting a payment gateway for porker business allows you to be fully chargeback protected up to a ratio.

Complete Merchant Assistance

To meet your payment processing needs, our expert executive connects with you and starts with the process. We make sure that your business gets the best payment processing solution, and you get to enjoy the streamlined business.

You can request a callback from us, and our executive will not waste a minute to connect with your business.

24 x 7 Tech Support

Having upright after-sales support is always good and always welcome. So, WebPays has a solid tech team that is available 24 x 7 and provides you with any technical support you need. If there is any problem with payment processing, all you need to do is contact us.

We take pride in our Tech support team as we know how important it is to get the solutions ready for you. The Online Payment Gateway for Poker business will witness a significant change when you get your solutions from us.

Summing it Up

In conclusion, the payment gateway for poker is one of a kind solution to businesses around the globe. Getting the solutions that streamline your business is pure bliss. Therefore, at WebPays, we offer the best support, features, and benefits to your corporation.

Lastly, you get the best choice for features to process payments quickly and seamlessly. Get in touch with our services and get a callback from our expert executive. We will prioritize the payment experience of both the merchant and consumer and provide the best possible solution for the same.