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More Ways to Process Online Payments with Alternate Payment Methods

The conventional modes of payment, such as card payments, are slowly becoming obsolete with time. Therefore, a business requires to expand its boundaries through alternate modes of payment. Offering convenience to the consumers is the best way to upgrade a business to a new height.

Adding multiple modes of payment to payment processing allows your business to process payments from a variety of consumers. Hence, WebPays provide several payment methods that can collect online payment payments seamlessly. The Payment Processing Channel is the solution a business requires to process these online payments.

Shifting the Business to the Online Marketplace

Irrespective of a business type, online exposure is one of the crucial parts. The expansion of a business depends on how mature its consumer’s payment experience is. In other words, a business needs to provide the best payment experience to the consumer to get a better involvement.

Furthermore, to provide the experience, a merchant needs to have a payment service provider right on their doorsteps. On the one hand, the small and medium businesses get the service right from their local banks. However, the high-risk businesses witness a setback to it. |They require a dedicated service provider for the same.

What are the benefits of using a payment processing solution? There are multiple benefits of a payment gateway. Some of them are:

  • Process payments right on the website or application,
  • Offer the best payment experience to the consumers,
  • Generate Revenue for your business,
  • Get a better brand image around the globe.

However, the question lingers on the fact that how alternate payment methods make the complete payment processing solution a better one?

Easy Payment Processing with Alternate Payment Processing

There are intricate working of multiple PayTech teams working behind the curtain for processing payments online. Every mode of payment has a dedicated solution.

Credit and Debit Card

Debit and Credit Card Processing is still one of the most convenient modes of payment. Due to their added convenience to the consumers, they try to pay using the mode of payment. It allows them to raise a dispute if there is any problem with the payment.


Other than the traditional online payments through cards, eWallets have been one of the major players around the globe. The reason for using eWallets is its ease of access and seamless payment processing.


Second in the line is Cryptocurrency payments. Due to its uproar in the market, crypto payments have gained popularity recently. It makes a business reach a massive consumer range and makes the process of payments easy to work.

Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer

It is another convenient payment mode due to the high security of payments. The payments are processed over the bank portal, making it quite safe. Furthermore, multiple security systems are working for the payments making it easy to dispute or cancel in case of emergencies.

ACH Payments

A preferable solution for alternate payment methods is ACH payment processing. It allows a merchant to accept direct debits and credit transfers. Subscription payments become hassle-free with the mode of payment offering advanced solutions to the merchant.

These are some of the alternate payment methods that WebPays offer merchants. However, it is not limited to these modes as these are just the most preferable and popular ones.

What do WebPays offer your business?

WebPays offer an entire payment processing solution through a payment gateway. It allows a business to process online payments smoothly right on the website. These alternate payment methods add to the experience to the payment experience of the consumers. Therefore, it provides an edge to the business and helps to expand the business quickly.

Lastly, WebPays provide Complete Merchant Assistance and 24 x 7 Technical support. Both of these allow hassle-free payment processing on the website and easy movement of the fund.

Get in touch with the expert payment processing services of WebPays and get a completely Personalized solution for it.