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Services Offered

We offer a complete range of solutions that simply resolves all your payment system issues & requirements. We support different industries and e-commerce merchants, subscription businesses to grow their presence and revenue globally!


Credit Card Processing

Our user-friendly payment processing solution is pretty convenient for the customers. It boosts their confidence by giving them a hassle-free payment experience. Keeping security our priority, we keep your customer's sensitive payment experience secure with our encrypted environment.


Fraud Prevention System

Fraud, Scams, and Identity thefts are some of the practices that hamper a business image. Furthermore, it diminishes the authority over the financial entities associated with the firm. Therefore, the security of the corporation from it becomes a necessity.


Highrisk Merchant Accounts

Every e-commerce business requires merchant accounts to acknowledge cards and digital payments from their clients. A financial account permits cash funds to be transferred from card-issuing banks to a merchant business bank account. We work with all types of industries, whether high-risk, mid-risk, or low-risk. Connect with us without any hesitation if you are looking for a high-risk merchant account.


Payment Gateway

WebPays understands the vital role of a payment gateway in an online business. To provide you an unparalleled solution for your business, our expert team does the proper inquiry and deep research about your business professionally. We suggest the most relevant payment gateway solution at competitive rates.


Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks start when a client raises a dispute with their bank in regards to a credit or check card transaction. Vendors are regularly kept separate from the dispute procedure. Clients aren't informing the merchant regarding questions at an expanding rate. WebPays customize payment processing solutions to meet every client's needs and assist them with practical advice concerning chargeback protection.



We design API that can be easily integrated and side by avail you appropriate tools to empower your business payment system with incredible gateway options that go with business requirements.


APM's (Alternative Payment Methods)

Looking into the needs of merchants Webpays also offers Alternate Payment Methods other than Debit and Credit cards, as every customer counts for business and trust for your offerings. Services like e-wallets, electronic cash or e-cash, internet Banking, domestic cards, etc. can serve you a comprehensive payment solution to expand your business with customers.

"WebPays ensure and enhance the quality of payment system through transaction security by providing products and services of aspired attributes with best output for business growth & development".